[Interview] The King of Interactive Videos Unleashed

Ray LaneHey Hey Zamurai Warriors,

I’m back again with another great interview for you. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the KING of Interactive Videos, Ray Lane.

Ray Lane is one of the most creative YouTube Marketers I know. He’s the KING of interactive videos in my book. If you have any interest in learning the best tools to use to make professional videos or want to learn how to offer video marketing services to local businesses, this video will ROCK your socks off!

And Yes my hair is all jacked up in the video, what’s new 🙂 

The Best Tools For Video Creation And Beyond

 Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. YouTube Interactive – Ray Lanes Awesome Course and Graphics Pack to take full advantage of YouTube’s Call To Action Overlay Feature. Ray has seen up to a 30% bump in conversions. 

2. Kodak Zi8 Camera – Very Inexpensive Camera that shoots high quality video and has a mic port. 

Biggest Takeaways From Ray’s Interview:

1. Charge what you feel you are worth. Don’t be known as the “cheap guy”. 

2. It’s always easier to come down in price than go up in price. 

3. Audio is more important than visual. If you have a visually crappy video but your audio is great people will watch it more than a nice visual video with crappy audio.  

4. Just MAKE A VIDEO ALREADY! Just because we talk about some cool gadgets that you can use to make better videos, don’t let that stop you if you can’t buy those now. When I started I used what I had,which was the built in microphone from my computer. It wasn’t until this year that I finally decided to upgrade my Mic. 

To Your Success,

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Cropped [Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

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[Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

youtubeHey Hey Zamurai Warriors,

Man, do I have an AWESOME video to share with you today.

I just spent the last 30 minutes talking to a couple of guys who are doing some VERY powerful stuff with YouTube and Clickbank.

These guys are on top of their game and one of them is BARELY legal 🙂 

Sit back, relax and enjoy this very powerful video with some cool and creative ideas for YouTube Marketing.

I personally had a HUGE AHA Moment at around the 11:15 mark 🙂

Video Profiting Factors For TODAY And Beyond

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. Devin and Wyatts Video Ranking Blueprint

2. Clickbank Atlas Course Teaching You How To Make Passive Income With Video 

3. Money-Mindset.net – Awesome Resource For Making Money Online

Closing Statements:

I truly enjoyed having Devin and Wyatt share some powerful information with you guys tonight. This is something that I plan to do more of.

Although I know a thing or two about YouTube Video Marketing I really liked getting another perspective and new ideas. 

There were a few times during this interview where I had some AHA moments. I hope you enjoy this interview and get some tips from it as well. 

To Your Success,

signature [Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days

Cropped [Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days

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point here animated [Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days

[Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days


Hey Hey Zamurai Warriors,

Today, I have a great Case Study to share with you. I put up a new video a few days ago and it only took 3 simple steps that took 20 minutes of actual work to get it ranking on Page 1 of Google.

Watch the short video below to learn how.

3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days:

Resources mentioned in the Video:

1. Social Monkee – Great private Social Bookmarking Network to get anywhere from 50-200 bookmarks per URL depending on the account level you have.

2. Vagex (currently closed) for getting high quality views and likes. You can use our Tube Sniper Suite Software as an alternative.

3. My Video marketing case study – In this case study I go further into the different link building that I do to my videos.

What I plan to do to get the video ranking Higher on Page 1:

1. Send 1,000 Wiki Links using Wiki Robot. Get a special 40% discount on Wiki Robot here.

2. Send 500-1,000 Social Bookmarking links. You can order from this reputable Fiverr Vendor.

That is it for today! Get out there and get your videos online and ranking.

To Your Video Marketing Success,



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[Case Study] 5 Simple Steps To Quadrupling Conversion Rates

Hey Zamurai Warriors,

Today I want to quickly share how I was able to take a 3% conversion rate to 12% from just a few simple tweaks. The last thing anyone wants is to put time an effort into a product and have it not sell because you are conveying the wrong message.

5 Steps To Quadrupling Conversion Rates:

Here are the 5 steps I took:Viral Traffic

1. Changed price from $8.99 to $7
2. Removed the word “fiverr” (copy, ecover, testimonials)
3. Created New Ebook cover without Fiverr Wording using MyEcoverMaker
4. Added Countdown Timer with Scarcity Samurai 
5. Removed Sales video

If you would like to see the before and after sales pages you can do so here: Before and After.

Need Help with your copy or improving your existing copy of your sales page? Contact me and I’d be happy to help.

I hope you found this video useful.



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Link Building On A Shoestring Budget + Free List of Sites

Hey Hey guys! Today  I wanted to quickly share with you a quick way that you can build high quality links to your money sites and videos if you are on a budget and have some time on your hands. I remember when I first got started building niche sites I did ALL the link building myself, even the account creation.

I had a very small budget but I had a lot of time to be able to build links and get my websites ranked. Once my sites started ranking and started to bring in an income I reinvested that money into buying tools that helped automate what I was doing manually.

With that being said here is a quick video outlining how you can build links on a shoe string budget.

How To Build Links on A Budget:

Link Building in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Download the list of 250+ Web 2.0 Sites Here
2. Create A Spin Rewriter Account Here
3. Spin your article and post to the Web 2.0 Site with your links and video included (10-15 per week)
4. Submit your URL’s to be bookmarked on Social Monkee for further indexing
5. Ping Your URL’s on BulkPing.com

That is pretty much it for today. If you are on a shoe string budget and need a way to build links that get your websites or videos ranked follow the strategy outlined above.

To Your SEO Success,

What’s On Your Mind?

I would LOVE To Hear from You In The Comments area below. Do you have a question? Comment? Where Are You In Your SEO Efforts? Do You Have A Juicy link building strategy you would like to share? Drop Me some Love Below.

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Easy Video Suite Review

Hey Hey Guys!

I am Excited to finally be able to share with you my Easy Video Suite Review. After waiting over a year to get my hands on this piece of software the wait was DEFINITELY worth it. I am more then happy with my Easy Video Suiteinvestment and am having a blast playing with this new piece of technology.

I feel like I’m a kid at a candy store. Most of you know that I’m a HUGE video marketer so getting my hands on new software is very exciting. In the next few paragraphs I plan on sharing with you a full review of Easy Video Suite and the cool features I’ve discovered so far.

I actually created 2 videos which I will post below:

Easy Vide Suite Review:


>>Click Here To Download Your Copy of Easy Video Suite<<

Part 2: 

Easy Video Suite Benefits:

The great thing about Easy Video Suite is how quickly I was able to get it up and running. From the moment I purchased to the moment I was able to create my first video was all of about 10 minutes. The members area is extremely easy to navigate, there are tutorial videos for every step and nothing was too hard to understand.

There are 2 ways that you can install Easy Video Suite. The quick and easy way is to install it within the members area and create a sub domain on their website evsuite.com and have them host your videos. I personally created my sub domain as zamurai.evsuite.com.

For those of you who are more advanced you can install Easy Video Suite on your own server via FTP. They also provide a step-by-step tutorial that shows you how exactly how to get it installed on your server. I should have it up and running on this domain within the next hour or so.

Easy Video Suite Desktop App:

Easy Video Suite comes with a desktop application which is what is going to allow you to create new videos as well as upload existing videos into your dashboard or Youtube whichever you prefer. You can create screen cast videos or Face videos. A pretty cool feature I noticed is if you tick on the “save a local copy of your videos” it simultaneously saves it into your EVS dashboard as well as your hard drive. I found the desktop app extremely easy to install and get up and running.

Not only can you create videos but you can easily drag and drop videos into the app to upload them into your dashboard. Here is what the Desktop app looks like:


Easy Video Suite Desktop App


Easy video suite bonus

Easy Video Suite Features:

Now I haven’t had a chance to play with all the features just yet but just a few that I noticed from playing with it after buying are:

  • Being Able To Create and Upload Videos from one central application
  • Being able to save a copy into my dashboard and my hard drive.
  • Being able to upload direct to Youtube in HD quality.
  • The Desktop app coverts the video automatically into several different formats so your videos are playable on all devices.
  • Being able to style the video with things like prebuilt players, shadows, backgrounds etc
  • Being able to easily add an intro an outro snippets to your videos once uploaded.
  • Being able to add an optin form or buy button in the middle of your video
  • Being able to redirect your viewers anywhere you want once the video is done.
  • Being able to quickly create a page from your video and have it online within minutes.
  • Being able to style the page to your liking with an easy drag and drop interface.
  • Being able to add meta information to the page to make it SEO friendly.
  • and a TON more that I have yet to play with….

Those are just a few that I use and tested it out when I got access to my account. I am really looking forward to continuing to use this software and really put it through the test.

The Page I created:

As I mentioned in the feature list above you are able to easily create and style a page for your videos with a simple drag and drop editor. I created the page below in about 10 minutes. Everything was really easy to move around, add to the page, remove from the page, etc.

You can view the page I made here<<<

Do I recommend Easy Video Suite?

ABSOLUTELY! I rarely get excited for new pieces of software but Easy Video Suite is definitely one of those product that comes around only a couple times a year that I truly get excited for. If you are looking to do anything with video marketing in 2013 this is a tool you want to get your hands on.

>> Click Here To Download Easy Video Suite <<

If you are looking for my Easy Video Suite Bonus then prepare to get even more excited 🙂

I have put together a great bonus that compliments Easy Video Suite almost like a glove. Trust me I’ve looked around at other bonuses and a lot of them are just a CRAP load of random products just put together that have NOTHING to do with video marketing and are really not going to do you any good.

When looking for the best bonus you want to make sure that the bonuses offered are actually going to help you and work together with the product or service you are buying. So I have personally put together the following bonus:

Easy Video Suite Bonus:

EVS + ZCTA + ZVG = Formula for Video Success!

Bonus #1.

The first amazing bonus is my unreleased “Zamurai CTA Bundle” product.

(CTA = Call To Action)

This is a bundle of over 8 high quality bumper videos that you can add to the beginning and end of your videos to SKYROCKET the clicks to your affiliate links or link to your website.

I’ve been personally using these high quality CTA’s with some great results All you have to do is add it to the beginning and end of your video so you can really “sell the click” and drive people wherever you want.

It’s almost irrestible for your viewers to NOT click the links since it’s human nature to follow one’s eye’s to see what they are looking at 🙂 pretty genius huh?

Bonus #2:

It did take me quite a bit of time and $ to put together those CTA bumper videos since I not only had to first buy the stock images which are $10 a piece….

…but I then had to put together the Power Point slides, Record the PowerPoint, edit the video in iMovie, add sound effects and finally produce the video.

So what I am going to do for you is throw in ALL the powerpoint slides, stock images and where to get sounds effects for FREE with this bonus.

Keep in mind these are all high quality stock images that you could not get for less then $10 a piece and I have over 18 of them to send your way 🙂

This is going to allow you to edit the CTA bumper power point slides to your liking and even create your own.

I even put together a video of how to create your own CTA bumper videos with the slides and images to make it easier for you.

Bonus #3

My 3rd Bonus is yet another JUICY strategy that is going to help you make high quality videos that sell.

Easy Video Suite is the Tool that you are going to use to make videos and my “Zamurai Video Guide” is going to teach you how to make great videos that offer good content but don’t ramble on FOREVER.

Most new video marketers struggle to make proper videos because they don’t really know how to start or finish a video properly which usually causes them to ramble on forever, or having to record a video over and over because it just doesn’t seem right.

Has this ever happen to you?

Well with my Zamurai Video Guide you are going to learn a simple yet POWERFUL 3 Step formula to use for EVERY single video you ever make to make sure you get your message across as effective as possible.

And I’m not only talking about screencast videos this formula works for powerpoint videos, video sales letters, just about any kind of video you can make online.

So you have:

EVS + ZCTA + ZVG = Formula for Video Success!

I don’t think it can get any better then this. 🙂

Or maybe it can…

I will also let you choose any one of my other products (if you don’t already own them) 100% Free.

There is:

My Tube Takeover Formula
My Tube Sniper Pro Research Software
My Tube Sniper Rank Tracker
My Tube Sniper Suite

I am really looking forward to sending you my bonus once you purchase EVS.

You have the best of both worlds

EVS + ZCTA + ZVG = Formula for Video Success!

So here’s the deal…

To get my EasyVideoSuite bonus, this is what you do:

#1 Get EasyVideoSuite through me using this link: http://zamuraiblogger.com/go/evs

#2 Forward your Clickbank receipt to me support@zamuraiblogger.com

I’ll send you the download link for my bonus shortly thereafter.

Any questions? Leave them below.

To Your Video Marketing Success,


P.S. Remember, not only will you have the most powerful video marketing software available in EasyVideoSuite…

(That’s going to save you a ton of time and send your profits through the roof)

…You’ll also have the perfect bonus..

EVS + ZCTA + ZVG = Formula for Video Success!

…if you get it through my link right now.

P.S.S. I am going to be limiting my bonus to the first 30 action takers on EVS.

So you want to make sure you look out  for my EVS email tomorrow so you can  secure your


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[Case Study] 455 New Subscribers Plus a Look Inside a $300 Email Campaign

Hey Hey guys!

I’m back with yet another update video in my journey to 10,000 subscribers by December 31st. It has been a few weeks since my last update and I want to apologize for that. I’ve been quite busy working on a new software launch that’s coming out on December 21st. The great thing about this launch is that it’s a partnership between myself and a gentlemen named Andrew Naser who I actually met as a result of him reading my updates here on my blog.

So you just never know what can happen with the power of blogging!

This launch however has set me back in my 10k goal a bit but I’m not at all concerned because not only do I enjoy putting out AWESOME products it adds a HUGE surge of buyers to my list in a short period of time. Buyer subscribers are definitely more valuable then any other kind of subscriber you can have so I’m definitely looking forward to it.

So let’s move on to today’s update video. Today I have  a few cool things to share with you on what I’ve been doing to build my list.

What the video below:

455 New Subscribers + Email Campaign Case Study

[box type=”important”]CTA Sidekick Is still Available for the next few days. This is a Powerful WordPress Plugins That Allows you to Add High Converting Optin Forms To Your Blog in Just A Few Mintues. Click Here To Check it out[/box]

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. Warrior Plus: If you have a list and would like to add some additional income promoting to your business promoting WSO’s is a great place to find great products at great prices.

2. JVZOO: JVZOO is yet another WSO network where you can find some more great WSO’s to sell. You can also use both Warrior+ and JVZOO to sell your own products.

3. Aweber: I use Aweber as my preferred autoresponder. They are extremely affordable and easy to use.

4. Tube Takeover Formula: This is my video marketing course that I use to make passive income as well as build my list as as I mention in the video. I had a video in about position 5 sending me 1-2 subscribers a day. I was able to get the video bumped up to position #3 which is now above the fold and is now bringing me 4-5 subscribers a day.

5. Free Video Marketing Report: This is the free video marketing report I use to build my list and send people through my Auto Responder funnel.

In this update video I talk about how in a first initial test I got more subscribers from posting a FREE WSO at $40 then paying to have a benner ad at $100. Now I do need to test a few things out to see if I can get the same results again. What I want to test now is sending the banner traffic to the Free WSO thread FIRST and from the WSO thread to the squeeze page. Previously I just linked from the banner to the squeeze page.

I also did an ad swap with the lovely Ti Roberts from TiRoberts.com . Ti Roberts is an up and coming traffic generation queen. She has some great traffic tips and tricks up her sleeve so it was a no brainer to ask her if she would be open to doing an ad swap.

This is another sign of just how powerful a blog can be because I first met Ti when she commented on this Update video here . From there I popped over to her blog and saw she had some great content. So I messaged her on Facebook and it’s all history from there.

Marketing Takeaway:

Get out there and start blogging and building relationships. There are two examples in this one article of how one simple blog can bring people together from all over the world. I would have never imagined I would be partnering up with someone from Egypt or doing an ad swap with Ti Roberts had I not started blogging here.

To Our List Building Success,

What’s On Your Mind?

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The Anatomy of A “Guru” Type Squeeze Page Funnel

Hey Hey!

Today I have a pretty cool video to share with you. I have been getting several questions in my 10k Subscriber Challenge about how I have my funnel setup and how my follow up sequence is. So I decided to put together a video and show you a sneak peak of the entire backend of my business.

[box type=”important”]In the video below I mention that I use OptimizePress as my preferred WordPress theme for creating high converting squeeze pages. For some people the $97 price point of OptimizePress may be a little out of budget so for the next few days you can get a very cool WordPress Plugin which is being sold as a Dimesale over at the FSO forum. This cool little plugin works very similar to OptimizePress in the sense that everything is “click to activate” etc. Check it out here << You can also see a demo video below

Watch The Demo Video Below:

>>>Click Here To Pick Up A Copy of Squeeze Optimizer<<<<

Now that we got that out of the way let’s jump into my squeeze page funnel. This is the exact funnel that has been used and will continue to be used by all the big name Guru’s online who have built a massive business and following.

A Look At My Squeeze Page Funnel:

 That breaks down my squeeze page funnel as well as my follow up sequence which helps to convert those subscribers into buyers via my 7 day Follow up sequence. As I mentioned before this is the exact funnel that was taught to me when I first got started online and I continue to use it till this day. This funnel works because it allows you to lead with value and open up the trust barrier.

Here is how my funnel looks like in simple image format:


Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. OptimizePress WordPress Theme: This is the theme that I use to create all of my squeeze pages, sales pages, and membership sites. It’s really an all in one WordPress theme for running a successful online business. If you can’t afford OptimizePress but still want to create professional Squeeze Pages you can get Squeeze Optimizer at a Dimesale for the next few days.

2. Qody’s Redirector: This cool little plugin allows me to create a redirect on any page of my site without an exit pop up that most redirect plugins use. This plugin automatically redirects visitors once their mouse starts moving towards the “x” in their browser. I use this on my Thank You Page a.k.a OTO page to redirect visitors to the salespage.

That is it for this weeks update my friend. I am loving the feedback I am getting on my list building series and as always if you have any questions at all please feel free to leave them below.

[box type=”important”]In the video above I mention that I use OptimizePress as my preferred WordPress theme for creating high converting squeeze pages. For some people the $97 price point of OptimizePress may be a little out of budget  so for the next few days you can get a very cool WordPress Plugin which is being sold as a Dimesale over at the FSO forum. This cool little plugin works very similar to OptimizePress in the sense that everything is “click to activate” etc. Check it out here <<

To Our List Building Success,

What’s On Your Mind?

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292 Subscribers in 9 Days – Banner Ads + Youtube Marketing

Hey Hey!

I’m back with update video #3. Over the last 10 days or so there have been some great list building going on and I’m happy to report that I have broken the 6,000 subscribers mark! In this update you will learn a little bit about how I used banner ads, video marketing and a couple more solo ads to add an additional 292 subscribers to my list.

I’ve also been using my Free Video Marketing Report a bit more as a list building tool since I’ve been noticing that my aweber funnel for my Youtube Training has been converting a bit higher then the funnel I have set up for my Free WordPress Training.

So let’s go ahead and jump into this bad boy. This video will run for about 9 minutes but it’s well worth every second 🙂

292 Subscribers Update Video:

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. My Video Marketing Training: Learn my exact formula that I use to quickly rank simple Youtube Videos that bring me optins and sales on a daily basis.

2. Warrior Forum Banner Advertising Page: If you have an account on the Warrior Forum this is where you go to upload a banner. It costs $100 for a 24 hour slot. I got 42 freebie optins and 4 buyer optins. I spent $100 and made about $40 so my total investment was $60.

I am going to test out putting up a FREE WSO with my video marketing report since I’ve used my WordPress training as a FREE WSO before and received about the same amount of optins and posting a FREE WSO only costs $40 instead of $100.

3. Warrior forum Banner Advertising Guidelines: Before you upload a banner be sure to read and follow EACH AND EVERY guideline they have in place. Your banner WILL NOT get approved if you do not follow all of their guidelines.

4. Pixlr Editor: I did not mention this in the video but if you do not have an image editor/creator you can use this online based tool to make simple banners. (no software to download)

I just want to quickly mention as well that I am a huge advocate of reinvesting the income from my list building efforts back into my business to grow my list faster. In my last update I mentioned that the guest article that was published on Kim Roach’s Blog resulted in about 12 sales or so.

In total it’s been well over $200 in profit that I made from that article which I used to purchase the banner ad. The banner ad made about $40 which I’m going to reinvest yet again along with the other income I made from the article. Once you have a proven funnel you can easily pour money into advertising and continue recycling the income your funnel produces to buy more advertising.

That is it for this weeks update! I hope you found it useful. Also stay tuned for my next article which is going to break down exactly how I have my funnel set up from squeeze page to autoresponder sequence.

To Our List Building Success,

What’s On Your Mind?

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158 Subscribers in 7 Days – Using FREE Strategies

Hey Hey!

I’m back with update video #2. This update is quite exciting since I focused on some more free strategies this past week. Although I did get a lot less subscribers this week then Update video #1 I got a lot more quality subscribers this week.

I firmly believe that there are different levels to the quality of the subscriber you are getting depending where that person is coming from. Of course a buyer subscriber is way at the top. One buyer subscriber can easily be worth 10 times a free subscriber.

Although I did get quite a bit of subscribers from Solo ads in the first week you have to keep in mind that solo ad vendors mail their list anywhere from 3-6 times per day with a TON of different offers. So a subscriber from a solo ad can easily be on 10-15 other lists, if not more. So it becomes a little harder to convert those people into buyers, fans, etc. But solo ads are still a GREAT and FAST way to add subscribers to your list.

Let’s now jump into Update Video #2:

158 Subscribers in 7 Days:

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard Training: I can’t recommend her training enough. A lot of the strategies I am using in my business are a direct result of what I’ve learned in Kim’s training. She is a traffic generating machine!

2. How I Sold 450 Copies of My First Product: This is the guest post that Kim published on her blog which has resulted in some really amazing results. In the update video I mentioned I got about 12 buyers on my list from that article but as I write this it’s well over 20 buyers and over 80 subscribers through the other links in the article which lead to free offers.

3. Make Money Online Warrior Forum Section: This is a section in the Warrior Forum where you can post links to articles on your blog, free ebooks (with links in the ebook to your product/squeeze page) etc. This is a great strategy for getting some extra subscribers to your list on weekly basis.

That is it for this weeks update. I am definitely going to be doing a lot more guest blogging moving forward as I think it is a truly exceptional way to get high quality subscribers by providing top notch content.

Also as I mentioned in the video, since starting my 10k Subscriber journey I have started to receive a lot more subscribers coming from my blog. So it’s important to keep in mind that if you are getting traffic to your site you definitely want to be capturing some of those visitors with a pop up capture form, sidebar optin, end of post optin etc. I personally use Popup Domination on this blog to capture a good number of leads.

To Our List Building Success,

What’s On Your Mind?

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