[Interview] He Profits Over $3,000 Per Month With Simple Kindle Books

Chapter OneHey Zamurai Warrior,

I have a VERY cool session in the Zamurai Dojo to share with you today. It’s on a topic that I know NOTHING about, but can be extremely profitable if you know what you’re doing.

Ben Murray cracked the code to Kindle success while playing around in college trying to find ways to make extra income.

Today, he makes a full-time income by selling simple books through Amazon’s Kindle platform.

If you’ve ever wanted to, or have a book you’ve already written that you want published  you will find this interview VERY helpful.

Grab your pen and paper and be prepared to take a ton of notes.

College Student Cracks The Code To Kindle Success

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. AK Booster Pro– This is Ben Murray’s signature software that:

– Allows you to quickly identify profitable niches in the Kindle Marketplace that you can easily dominate
– Promotes Your Book To Thousands of Hungry Buyers and gets you traffic easily
– Gets you tons of qualified reviews in record time to boost your Amazon rankings
– and much much more…

=> Watch A Full Demo Here 

Final Remarks –

Kindle writing is something that I’ve never really explored. Ben, however; is has really cracked the code to successful Kindle Publishing.

If you’ve ever wanted to dive into writing your own books, I highly recommend picking up Ben’s software. He definitely know’s what he’s talking about.

To Your Success,

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2 thoughts on “[Interview] He Profits Over $3,000 Per Month With Simple Kindle Books”

  1. Another great interview, Josh! As an active Kindle Publisher, I really enjoyed listening to Ben’s advice and experiences with all the other forms of marketing as well as with Kindle, been there myself! One thing I don’t think he mentioned is for authors to stay away from uploading PLR content as Amazon is really strict on this and may ban your account. I do own Ben’s product and it is really useful for niche research and book promotion. Publishing on Amazon Kindle has become very popular recently and thus very competitive in most mainstream niches. IMHO the new key to success is swinging towards heavily promoting your Kindle books to get those high rankings in Amazon Kindle and on the first page for your book keywords, rather than book quality.Sadly many quality books are making few sales due to their poor page rank. Trust me, you don’t make many sales if your book is listed on page 30! This makes Ben’s promotional feature in his software even more valuable as you can easily find places to promote your free book besides just in KDP.

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