Launching Wednesday August 21st at 11:00 AM

New Case Study Shows Your Subscribers How To Rank Simple Videos For Competitive Terms

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What’s the Product About?

Front End – YouTube Bully 2 – Case Study is a step-by-step PDF course showing your subscribers EXACTLY how to rank for one of Market Health’s most competitive product. NOTHING is help back. Everything is revealed, keyword, video link, and step-by-step instruction of how the results were achieved. 

OTO – Adwords Magician + Video Marketing Blueprint – Here your subscribers will learn how to put clickable links within their video as well as a full video marketing course covering all aspects of video. This is a great addition to the case study training. 





Subject #1:

[NEW] Earn over $3,000 a Month With A Proven System <= proof inside

[NEW] How To Profit $3,000 a month with Simple YouTube Videos <= case study

NEW Case Study Reveals How To Profit $3,000 A Month With Simple YouTube Videos

[Case Study] How To Rank YouTube Videos FAST For The Most Competitive Terms

[New] Case study Reveals How To Rank Simple YouTube Video FAST <= proof inside

Swipe #1:

Imagine if you were handed a Proven,
duplicatable strategy for quickly ranking
Simple YouTube Videos at the top of Google
and profit over $3,000 a month…

How many videos would you create?


A good friend of mine, Mark Dickenson,
just released a brand new case study
where you’ll be able to look over his
shoulder as he ranks at the top of
Google for one of the most competitive
health products on the market.

The best part is…

He leaves NOTHING OUT!

You’re going to see the product he
targeted, the video he created, AND
his simple duplicatable system for
achieving his results.


What a breath of fresh air, right?

A marketer who’s not hiding behind his
blurred images or “hidden” keywords.

Instead you’re getting a proven system
that you can verify works, from a marketer
who makes a full-time income with video

You’ll even see the countless raving
reviews of Marks student’s who are making
job-crushing income with video after following
his system.

Make sure you look for Paul’s testimonials.
You’re not going to believe how much he’s making
after just a few short months of following
Mark’s blueprint.


I love Mark’s course because:

– It’s simple
– It’s proven to work for Mark AND his students
– It’s easy to implement
– It’s highly scalable
– You don’t need any specials skills or fancy eqiupment
– You can make money as quickly as 7 days from now.

Today, you can download your copy for ONLY $7!

Yup, for less than what you pay for lunch you’ll
get access to Mark’s step-by-step Case study

You DO NOT want to miss out on this.


To Your Success,



P.S. You will want to act quickly because
Mark is only leaving this offer up for
7 days. This is not false scarcity the
price will go up when the time expires.


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Thank You For Your Support! 

Mark Dickenson and Joshua Zamora


Launching Wednesday August 21st at 11:00 AM