158 Subscribers in 7 Days – Using FREE Strategies

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I’m back with update video #2. This update is quite exciting since I focused on some more free strategies this past week. Although I did get a lot less subscribers this week then Update video #1 I got a lot more quality subscribers this week.

I firmly believe that there are different levels to the quality of the subscriber you are getting depending where that person is coming from. Of course a buyer subscriber is way at the top. One buyer subscriber can easily be worth 10 times a free subscriber.

Although I did get quite a bit of subscribers from Solo ads in the first week you have to keep in mind that solo ad vendors mail their list anywhere from 3-6 times per day with a TON of different offers. So a subscriber from a solo ad can easily be on 10-15 other lists, if not more. So it becomes a little harder to convert those people into buyers, fans, etc. But solo ads are still a GREAT and FAST way to add subscribers to your list.

Let’s now jump into Update Video #2:

158 Subscribers in 7 Days:

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. Kim Roach’s Traffic Dashboard Training: I can’t recommend her training enough. A lot of the strategies I am using in my business are a direct result of what I’ve learned in Kim’s training. She is a traffic generating machine!

2. How I Sold 450 Copies of My First Product: This is the guest post that Kim published on her blog which has resulted in some really amazing results. In the update video I mentioned I got about 12 buyers on my list from that article but as I write this it’s well over 20 buyers and over 80 subscribers through the other links in the article which lead to free offers.

3. Make Money Online Warrior Forum Section: This is a section in the Warrior Forum where you can post links to articles on your blog, free ebooks (with links in the ebook to your product/squeeze page) etc. This is a great strategy for getting some extra subscribers to your list on weekly basis.

That is it for this weeks update. I am definitely going to be doing a lot more guest blogging moving forward as I think it is a truly exceptional way to get high quality subscribers by providing top notch content.

Also as I mentioned in the video, since starting my 10k Subscriber journey I have started to receive a lot more subscribers coming from my blog. So it’s important to keep in mind that if you are getting traffic to your site you definitely want to be capturing some of those visitors with a pop up capture form, sidebar optin, end of post optin etc. I personally use Popup Domination on this blog to capture a good number of leads.

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Author: Joshua Zamora

Hey Hey Welcome to http://zamuraiblogger.com/dating-a-libra-woman/ ! I'm Joshua the webmaster of this bad boy. I'm a young entrepreneur born and raised in Miami Fl. I love internet marketing, blogging, learning new traffic strategies and helping others as well. I'm also pretty good at Chess, Poker, Basketball and I love going to concerts and watching movies.

23 thoughts on “158 Subscribers in 7 Days – Using FREE Strategies”

  1. Hi Josh,

    Great update. I’ve been following each video and this one is awesome. I have very little budget to advertise so I like that you are also going to be including free strategies.

    1. Hey Michael,

      Thanks for following along I really appreciate it. And I know exactly where you are coming from when I first got started I had very little money to invest into paid strategies so I had to focus more on free strategies. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hi Josh congrats on the success of your work. I know it’s not easy to get subscribers so I’m really pumped about your results and success. Kim always has great advice you’re smart to listen to her. Best of luck my friend and keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Josh,

    You’re rockin’ your 10k subscribers challenge! I’m loving the content here on your blog and I’m excited to watch you as you press forward on your journey. I’m beginning to delve into guest posting as well to build my list and I’m actually expecting a feature post to debut on a popular blog over the next week. I’m stoked about it!

    Kim Roach is SUCH an amazing marketer. I follow her and promote TD as well. I have her to thank for all of the success that I’ve had with the relaunch of my blog. Her training is golden. I love these live case study and journey blog posts, I do them as well and they’re a great way to attract subscribers and gain a following very quickly.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome update with us and I’m looking forward to your next one.

    See ya’ around the net!


    1. Hey Ti,

      NICE! Congrats on landing the guest post πŸ™‚ It’s all very exciting. Drop by and send me the link when it’s live I’d love to check it out. And I agree Kim is really an amazing marketer with great training. I will head over to your blog and check it out 8)

      Thanks for stopping by Ti. Really appreciate it

  4. Hey Josh,
    Looks like your off to a bangin start my friend. Keep up the good work. I have heard good things about TD as well, haven’t gotten around to buying yet though. I could sure use more traffic to my blog though, great tip with the guest blogging idea. I’ve heard of that but have never tried yet.

    1. Hey Jace,

      Yea man traffic dashboard is one of the pivotal turning points in my business. You’ll never run out of traffic using just half of what she teaches in that course. Guest blogging is definitely one of the great strategies. A lot of online businesses have been built off of guest blogging alone.

      Thanks for your input man really appreciate it.

  5. Hey Josh…Really good stuff including your videos. I have a couple of questions for you? Does having a thesis theme help your traffic? And do you worry or even care about Google’s recent algo updates?
    p.s. I be with ya till you hit 10,000

    1. Hey Paul,

      I’m not sure I understand your question. But having Thesis installed doesn’t really do much in terms of attracting traffic. It is great though for customization and the fact that it has SEO functionality built in. I did worry before about Google updates since I have several niches sites but I do not worry about it for this blog since I don’t do any SEO for this blog.

      If you have any more questions feel free to ask away πŸ™‚

      I look forward to having you on board.

  6. Hi,
    As a long time teacher and a person that love to help others, great job. I am building a tutorial site and one module is with word press. I have been using videos i had been given the rights to use as content. Along with each video i give mor detailed explanations and try to connect ideas together things that are hard if you want to keep your vid short.
    I don’t know what your licence agreement is but if it allows me to use it, i may use a couple of your videos. It is clear to my visitors that th vids are not mine.
    Cheers and hope you can look at the site.
    Tony La
    the tek teach

  7. Hi Joshua
    Great post!
    I wanted to ask – do you have any way of knowing which subscriber source gives you buyers and which only give you subscribers that never turn to buyers? this is maybe less important in free methds, but it’s important in paid methods, because you don’t want to pay again for a solo ad source that doesn’t yield buyers, right?


    1. Hey Ron,

      Great question.

      It depends if you are selling a product as an affiliate or your own product. As a product owner you can set rules within your autoresponder that when someone buys your product they are removed from your free list and put into your buyers list. If you are selling strictly affiliate products I’m not sure you can really do much.

  8. Nice post Joshua, I agree with you regarding the low response of solo ad subscribers. Good to see you revealing all the steps you took to get those subscribers. I also post on the warrior forum make money online section which sure is a great way to get subscribers. Do you just send blog updates to your 10,000 subscribers challenge list ?

    Also regarding popup domination, what kind of conversion are you getting using the popup when compared to the other subscription options ?

    Dr.Spencer Jones

    1. Hey Dr. Spencer,

      Yea solos are great but I don’t want to be 100% dependent on them because of the response rate. It is easy to get lazy with solos since its easy to do also. I send updates to my entire list as well as occasional promotional emails.

      I haven’t done extensive testing of popup dom but out of all the optin forms on my blog Popup domination brings in the most subscribers.

      Hope that helps.

  9. “Although I did get quite a bit of subscribers from Solo ads in the first week you have to keep in mind that solo ad vendors mail their list anywhere from 3-6 times per day with a TON of different offers. ”

    And because of that I believe a lot of people are using “throw-away” e-mails to see what’s behind the blind ad copy.

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