4 Sources To Generate 5,500 Free Automated High PR Backlinks

Hey Hey guys! If you missed my previous article on social bookmarking your content be sure to implement my social bookmarking strategies as well as this one.

Today I want to cover 4 sources that you can use to create over 5,000 automated backlinks from high PR websites.

Although they are from High PR sites they are mostly coming from statistical websites like quantcast. alexa etc.

They don’t carry as much link juice since  they are URL backlinks meaning they are NOT in context and not anchor text. They do however DEFINITELY  help and only take 5 minutes to submit and they run in the background.

I mostly use these sources immediately after setting up a new niche site.

After running my site through this 4 step system my site gets indexed within 24 hours.

If your site is already established it can still help boost your link juice.

So let’s go ahead and get into the four sources for automated backlinks

How To Get 5,000 Automated Backlinks:

1. FreeBacklinkTool: (<– Link opens in a new window) This website allows you to create 500 backlinks within minutes. The links you create here will help your website rank higher in search engines and get attention by major search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

automated backlinks

You do need to create an account but it is 100% Free To register.

2. IMTalk: (<– Link opens in a new window) This website is AMAZING and allows you to create 2523 backlinks! It does take longer than FreeBacklinkTool but it all runs in the background. It will take about an hour to hour and a half to complete.

automated backlinks

This is also 100% FREE but they do have a forum to which you can register and I highly recommend.

3. christian speed dating for single christians: (<– Link opens in a new window) This site is also extremely useful and MUCH quicker then the other too but it only creates 325 backlinks in about 5 minutes.

dating handbook hallmark

Again this is 100% FREE and no account required.

4.dating someone with cerebral palsy: (<– Link opens in a new window) I absolutely love BulkPing and will also be talking about using their service for getting your backlinks indexed but for now we will be using it to generate over 3500 backlinks!! Yes FREE 3500 automated backlinks!

what are some dating websites

Now I do have to let you know Bulkping works great but sometimes it does not create all 3500 links. Sometimes in only does 1,000 and other times 2,000. I’m not sure why this varies but it still works just fine.

Also this one takes the longest of the 3 at about 90 minutes to 2 hours to complete.

That is pretty much it you can easily use these 4 sources to index your website or send some link juice to your already established website.

You can also submit your site to these websites multiple times a month if you’d like.

I hope you found this article helpful and you create your backlinks!

To Your Backlinking Success,

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Author: Joshua Zamora

Hey Hey Welcome to http://zamuraiblogger.com/dating-a-guy-for-5-months/ ! I'm Joshua the webmaster of this bad boy. I'm a young entrepreneur born and raised in Miami Fl. I love internet marketing, blogging, learning new traffic strategies and helping others as well. I'm also pretty good at Chess, Poker, Basketball and I love going to concerts and watching movies.

39 thoughts on “4 Sources To Generate 5,500 Free Automated High PR Backlinks”

    1. Hey Daniel, I apologize for the delayed response your comment ended up in my spam folder. had to deactivate akismet.

      I have been using this on all my sites and I’ve yet to see any harm. On the other hand when I run a new site through this it gets indexed within 24 hours. And these aren’t backlinks from spammy websites its coming from statistical website like quantcast, alexa, etc.

    1. Hey Garrett,

      These are by no means low quality backlinks. They don’t carry as much link juice since they will be plain URL backlinks from statistical websites like Alexa, quancast etc.

      I use this on every site I set up and it get’s indexed under 24 hours I’ve yet to see any harm to my rankings

    1. Thank you Aivil! And I apologize for the delayed response. For some reason your comment ended up in my spam folder. I guess Akismet is a bit too strict so I just deactivated it.

      Thank you for your comment and it’s great to have you here.

  1. Cool stuff Josh! I know these are free ways to generate a ton of backlinks. But the reality is that these backlinks suck. Nonetheless they’re great sources to gain some links.
    Although if you want backlinks that are actually going to raise your site in the serps and dramatically boost traffic, you need to use article directories, web2.0 sites, video sites, forum profiles and blog comments. Chat soon Josh!

    1. Hey Jamie! I don’t think they completely suck but at the same time they don’t carry as much link juice. They do however help index my new sites within 24 hours.

      And I agree with you to really see a boost in traffic article directories, web 2.0 and other strategies carry a lot more authority.

      Thank you for your comment and input. It’s really appreciated

  2. Great set of resources Joshua.

    I agree with your point at the beginning – because the links are not contextual, the best use of these is to establish a good link base when you’re setting up a new site.

    Another one (less of a ‘single hit’ but still awesome) that I like is SocialMonkee – but I can see you already use that one as well…

    Thanks for sharing these. Helpful stuff mate!

    1. I agree Jym! and I apologize for the delayed reply. Your comment (and 10 others) had ended up in the spam folder..Just deactivated akismet.

      SocialMonkee Rocks! I just upgraded to premium and it’s so much better being able to do 300 backlinks a day.

  3. What exactly is the object of creating back links? Many would say it helps to get your website ranked higher in the SERPs and many would say they can drive traffic to your site.

    I don’t believe that generating thousands of these kinds of backlinks will help one bit in improving the ranking of a site in Google for example (or for that matter, for driving traffic!). Anyone using the SEO Firefox plugin can see the backlinks associated with any site on whatever results are given for any search term. Just one glance at this and you will see many websites with few backlinks outranking sites with higher pagerank as well as many more backlinks.

    Why? Well it’s all quite simple…the sites with few backlinks don’t need that many as they are highly SEO optimized with well researched keywords being used as exact match in the URL, Title and descriptions as a start.

    But thanks for sharing this info, I’m sure some internet marketers will find them helpful. All I’m doing here is providing some food for thought.

    1. Hey Charmaine! Thank you for the comment. You are 100% correct these links don’t carry as much link juice as an in context anchor text link but it works extremely well for me when I set up a brand new site that I want to get indexed quickly.

      And for sure they will not bring you traffic as these are mostly links from statistical websites.

      I think the main reason a site outranks another site with higher PR is because the site with higher PR has more authority so most of the time they are begin ranked for a “broad” match of the keyword. As opposed to the new site with very little backlinks is specifically targeting that “exact” match keyword.

      But at the end of the day Google does what they want and sometimes I have no idea why they do or rank the way they do LOL

      But I will tell you this if 2 identical sites are going after the same keyword and they have the same on page optimization I believe the one with more high quality backlinks wins everytime.

      Again thanks for stopping by and I would love to have your expertise around often 8)

  4. Hi there, I just found your blog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. I have subscribed to your feed and I hope you write again very soon 😀

    1. Hey James! Thanks for stopping by and I’m glad I can help. Just be sure to drip them over a few days. Don’t blast all 5500 all in one day.

      I also have a few other posts that will help you drive traffic feel free have a look around 🙂

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