[Interview] Adsense Expert Reveals How To Profit Up To $108 Per Click

Ron Rule

Hey Zamurai Warriors,

I’m extremely excited to share today’s interview with you. Ron Rule has been an Adsense marketer since 2004.

He was one of the early adopters of Adsense and after spending 2 years banging his head against the wall he finally cracked the code to getting paid BIG checks without having to sell anything.

Last month alone he profited $8,200 in Adsense income. Grab a pen and paper and get ready to have some AHA moments!

Profiting $8,200+ In Adsense in 30 Days

Resource Mentioned in the Video

1. Adsense Avalanche: In this course Ron Reveals his ENTIRE blueprint to successfully profiting up to $108 per click with Adsense.

He reveals:

  • The Top Niches and Keywords to Focus on that pay between $30-$300 PER CLICK! ($99 Value)
  • The EXACT themes, plugins and widgets that Ron personally uses to ensure your maximum success. ($99 Value)
  • HIs Trusted list of Fiverr Sellers that produce quality, optimized content for the cheap. ($49 value)
  • Easy Upload/Copy/Paste Quickstart blueprint ($49 value)

For the next 3 days, Ron, has agreed to drop the price by up to 40%, EXCLUSIVELY for our Zamurai Tribe.

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Biggest Takeaways From The Interview:

1. You can make more money by targeting higher paying keywords in “expensive” niches than targeting general keywords for Adsense.

2. Cord Blood Banking is a great niche for adsense with high payouts.

3. Adding Adsense code immediately forces Google to scan your site to know exactly what your content is about and helps start serving the right ads quicker.

4. Use your inner pages and blog posts to attract the traffic to your site and then funnel that traffic to your “money” pages where the higher end ads are being displayed.

I really enjoyed today’s interview. A lot of people don’t talk about Adsense anymore. It’s kind of a “forgotten” monetization strategy, but when done right can be extremely profitable.

To learn more about profiting with Adsense and what niches/keywords to target, download Adsense Avalanche.


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  1. Hey Josh,

    Great presentation! Very informative and Ron certainly seems to know his stuff. Perhaps it is time to “discover Adsense again-for the first time”. There is certainly lots of money to be made as Ron proves.
    Yet another 5-star Hangout, Josh!


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