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Hey Hey guys!

FINALLY I have decided and completed publishing a list of some of the trusted solo ad sellers who I’ve bought solos from in the past with great results. I am also including the small list of vendors whom I’ve had HORRIBLE experiences with so you can stay away from them.

solotracker300x250I put this list together in an effort to help you find great solo sellers to buy from. However please keep in mind that these are people who I have personally bought from, not just a random list of people. Having said that, this doesn’t mean that just because I had good results with them you will to.

There are a lot of variables that come into play that will determine how well your solo ad will go i.e. your offer, squeeze page layout, headline, etc.

The only job of the sellers below is to send the clicks and it’s your job to make sure you can convert the clicks. ( assuming they did send you real clicks from their email list – unlike the people who landed in my “not to be trusted list”)

My Offers:

I personally use 2 main offer for my solos:

1. My Free WordPress Training
2. My Free Video Marketing report.

Out of the two my WordPress training tends to convert better in terms of front end optins BUT my video marketing report tends to convert better into actual sales from my backend follow up sequence.

My Squeeze Pages:

For quickly designing squeeze pages I personally use OptimizePress. There is a $97 investment for this WordPress theme but it is the LAST and ONLY Squeeze page WordPress theme you will ever need.

Not only that but you can also use it to build membership sites, sales pages, sales funnels etc.

A few lessons I’ve learned from buying solos are:

1. ALWAYS check your squeeze page to make sure it’s working. No matter if you’ve bought hundreds of solos. I recently lost $50 and 100 clicks which was potentially about 40-50 optins because I did not check to makesolo ad sellers sure my squeeze page was working.

2. ALWAYS start small and work your way up. DO NOT buy the vendors biggest package if you have not first tested their traffic with a smaller buy. This is how I got burned by the sellers under my “not to be trusted list”

I will be updating this list as I buy more and more solos to continue to give you more and more resources to buy solos.

So here it is my list of sellers that are 100% ZAMURAI Approved!


100% Zamurai Approved Sellers:

Chris Cole –
Philip Brewer –
Les Blythe – 2nd base dating terms
Lenin Genova –
Peter Paul –
Josh Adlesperger –
Igor Kheifets –
Greg Pasquale –
Nate Holland –
Heimir Finnson –
Kevin Fahey –
Colin Meunier –
Alex Fields –
Randy Koehler –
Dennis Pippin –
Matthew Barnett –
Marc Millburn –
J.R. Quarles –
Brian Lee –
Thomas Burke –
Rodger Hyatt –
Andrey Kurnikovs – skype: irmscher9
Tim Shrieves-
Barry Rodgers-
Richard Jones-
Brian Douglas –
Jack Coxill –
Dan Daniels –
Brian Mullis –
R Dillip Kumar –
Bob Bastian –
Ian Wicks –
Towhid Zaman – Buy From Warrior Forum Here
Danny Tang –
Clayne Keegan –
Thomas Krasig –
Trevor Barrett –
David Walker –
Pat Selby –
Eva Zaher –
Simon Crabb –
Ed Newman –
George Dwyer –
Cass Angel –
Tom Miles –
Chris and Robby – Buy from the Warrior Forum here
Lewis Turner –
Manny Hernandez –
Neil Moran –
Matthew Houghton –
Scrembo Scrembo –
Enzo Reyn –
Eva Zaher –
Ash –
Tainy Kone –
Ruth Brown –
Kalle Viidik –
Daniel Spingola –
Branden Pierce –
Eyal Mizrachi –
Tomer Algrably’s –
Hjalte Ravn –
Ray Spacely –
Paul De Sousa –
Ysacc Ben –
Joseph Latham –
Lucas Adamski –
Prashat Sharma – Buy From the Warrior Forum HEre
Itamar Blumendfeld –
Rich Ciufo –
Robert Mangan – Buy From The Warrior Forum Here
Gradamir Stankovic –
Alistair Clarke –
Martha Alexander – Buy from the Warrior Forum Here
Agnes Mugo –
Richard Gibson –
Joni Leung –
Espen Samuelsen –
Lyfe Lyte – Buy From Lyfe Lyte on Warrior Forum Here
Izrul Fizal –
Phil Ramage – Send Phil A message here
Ran Magal –
Justin Spencer –
Vinh Luu –
Yuli Azarch –

Sellers with 30% Conversions

Robby Gonzalez –
Jonas Kneita –

Sellers with under 20% Conversions

Solo Ad Sellers I Do NOT Trust

Ashley Gough – horrible clicks, horrible communication, took my money and RAN!
Holly Sutton – horrible clicks, horrible communication, took my money and RAN!

Solo Ad Sellers Resources:

Joe Finn’s Amazing List of Solo Sellers – Request Approval Here – Must have a Google Account
Reed Florens Solo Ad Directory Blog –
Lewis Turner’s Solo Ad Syndicate Facebook Group – Join the Group Here – Must Optin to be approved

That is it my friends. I am going to continue updating this page as I buy more and more solos so be sure to bookmark it and check it periodically to find new solo sellers to buy from.

To Our List Building Success,

What’s On Your Mind?

I would LOVE To Hear from You In The Comments area below. Do you have a question? Comment? Where Are You In Your List Building Efforts? Do You Have A Solo seller not on this list that absolutely CRUSHED it for you? Let me know so I can get some of that traffic 🙂

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36 thoughts on “Solo Ad Sellers”

  1. WOW Josh! You have no idea how helpful this list is. I have been looking to get into solo ads and being able to get a list of trusted vendors is a true time saver. THANK YOU!

  2. Great post joshua…

    If you don’t mind me asking, what’s your optin rate and do you break even from your OTO?

  3. Hi Joshua,

    Very practical information, well done! Surely there are more sellers that you don’t trust though? I have come across quite a few who have let me down in my short term of running the solo ads business. It is encouraging to know that well-performing, conscientious sellers are in much larger numbers.

    Great blog post! 🙂


    1. Hey Galina,

      Luckily those are the only 2 who have really burned me. I pay both of them over $200 for 500 clicks and both took my case and ran. If you know some i should stay away from please do share 🙂

  4. Hey Joshua,

    that is a seriously helpful post man. I will need exactly this sort of information very soon, so your list, and your guidelines as to what worked well at the start of the post is absolute ‘gold’ to me.

    All the best matey 🙂


    1. Hey Paul,

      Glad you found it helpful man 🙂 This is something I wish I had starting out with solos. Would have saved me a ton of time. Anything else I can help with let me know.

  5. Hey Joshua, would love to be a solo ad provider you add to your list. Please let me know if you’d like to give my list a try. Thanks


    1. Thanks Quincy. I purchase all my solos from facebook and skype groups I’m in as well as referrals. I no longer purchase from people outside of that since I’ve had some bad experiences. Thanks

  6. Hi Josh! I failed in doing SEO and PPC so I hope this will be the answer for my struggling internet marketing now. My question is, if I’m going to buy some of those solo ads, will I get the targeted traffic I need? For example, if I am selling some weight loss products, will I get traffic from those who need weight loss things? I haven’t yet tried this thing so I just want to learn more about it. Thanks!

      1. I see, I also have some sites for IM niche and yeah, let me try some of those solo ads soon. I might contact you again if I’ll need some help. Thanks for the fast reply by the way 🙂

  7. Hey Josh,

    Thanks for this list.
    I’m always looking for more solo ad seller.
    I found you on the Warrior Forum.

    I just bookmarked you blog.

    Take care,

  8. Hi Joshua! A friend of mine brought me to your website and so I have purchased solo ads from a few ppl you listed here.

    One of them was Brian Mullis, and hope you don’t mind me giving a review here.

    His solo ad was dope! I bought 100 clicks, he sent 120 clicks. I got an all time high of 59% for my opt-in rate too!

    I’ll certainly be checking back regularly to see if you’ve updated your list of sellers! 🙂

    1. Hey man! I’m glad I can help. Yea Brian and just about everyone on the list has great traffic. I added a couple more over the weekend so be sure to check back constantly 🙂 That is some great conversion rates too!

  9. Interesting that your wordpress squeeze is converting so well.

    What plugin are you using to get the mouse over optin boxes in your posts?

    By the way, I opted into your WP squeeze and clicked this link on your thank you page that isn’t working
    I noticed a while ago that is for sale at It seems the domain dropped.

    1. Hey Lena,

      Thanks for dropping by. It’s actually a plugin I had developed which is launching next Monday the 15th. It works extremely well. Thank you for the heads up about the broken link. Unfortunately Kim’s domain was stolen so it’s been a nightmare for her. I’ve been trying to update every optin form I have with my new funnel and completely forgot to update my blog optin form lol.

      Thank you again

  10. I do not know this guy from Adam. I see him everyday hustling to buy solo ads. I mean EVERY DAY. So while I may not know him this tells me if he is recommending solo sellers FOR FREE people should take note and listen to this dude. Gratz dude am bookmarking and will return frequently.

  11. Great post! I am always looking for new solo ad providers and your list definitely helps. One of the things I have become interested in lately is private Skype rooms created for the purpose of swapping or selling solos. Have you had any experience with that?

    1. Hey Deirdre,

      Yes i am in several skype groups. Just be careful as I’ve found there are a lot of shady skype groups. Just be sure you do your research on someone before buying from them if they’re not on this list or if no one else can vouch for their service

  12. Hi Josh ,
    i order my first time 100 clicks solo ads and got 39 new subscribers from one of the trusted seller above, i test send email to my first 39 list using getresponse but no one opened my email and i resend with other subject its still the same, i don’t know why…

    btw big thanks for a good post,
    i like your blog design

    1. Hey Deddy,

      Who was the seller you bought from? and i dont think this is anything outside of normal. With just 39 subscribers even at 10% open rate that’s only 3 people who would open your email. Just keep building it

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