How To Claim G+ Authorship of Your Blog and BOOST Rankings

google-plus-logoHey my friend! Joshua here with a HUGE update announced by Matt Cutts about claiming authorship of your blog and how it can potentially BOOST your search engine rankings.

I’m also going to walk you through step by step how to add the G+ authorship button to your blog.

Before  I get into that watch the video below by Matt Cutts and understand the POWER of putting this on your blog TODAY!

The Benefits of Claiming Your G+ Authorship

From what I gathered in the video there are a couple reason you will want to add this to your blog

1. Your picture may show up next to your site in the SERP’s giving it a human touch

2. It may help Boost rankings by claiming your authorship.

As Google transitions into a more Social search engine we need to stay ahead of the curve and give Google what they want.

Although this is still in testing phases watch my video below to learn how to claim authorship of your blog.

Here is the link to create your G+ Authorship Button:

If you rather read in plain text with screenshots how to add this to your blog follow me below.

1. Go To

A. Insert your Google Profile URL
B. Select the size of the Button
C. Copy The Button Code.

2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard

A. Go To Widgets
B. Drag and drop a Text Widget into your Sidebar and Paste Your G+ Code

3. Go To Your Google Profile

A. Click on Edit Profile
B. Click on About
C. Click on Links

4. Click on “Add Custom Links”

A. Enter Your Anchor Text
B. Enter Your URL

Last And Final Step: Submit Your Request!

The final step is to Submit Your Request For Authorship Here

Just fill out the info and hit submit. Google must be getting slammed for this so this last step might take a while but atleast you’re ahead of the curve.


That’s it my friend! That is exactly how you claim authorship of your blog.

I hope you found this article helpful and you get ahead of the curve in the upcoming Social search engine.

I want to give a shout out to Brian Hawkins from for bringing this to my attention!

To Your Authorship Success,

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