[Interview] $16,925.79 in 30 Days with Tiny Niches Using Bing

Hey Zamurai Warriors,

yahoo-bingWOW! Is all I have to say about today’s session in the Zamurai Dojo.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to dominate small niches for HUGE profits, you’re going to LOVE today’s guest.

Kevin-Mason Thompson is a young, but VERY ambitious marketer from the UK, who is CRUSHING it on the Microsoft Ad Center.

While most people are fighting to get on page 1 of Google or fighting to get their CPC down in Adwords, Kevin is cruising with CPC prices almost 1/3 of Adwords.

Make sure you have your pen and paper ready! There’s a lot of golden nuggets dropped!

Bing Expert Reveals Secrets To 5-Figure Months:

Resources Mentioned in the Video:

1. Niche System Domination: This is Kevin’s step-by-step course on crushing it with Bing/Yahoo via the Microsoft Ad Center. He walks you through everything from niche research to creating ads and all the way up to tracking your traffic.

=> Download Kevin’s Niche System Domination Course Here <= Goes LIVE on Monday the 20th at 12:00 AM EST.

2. When doing your research using Google’s Keyword Planner always divide by 3. Also pick keywords with over 10,000 searches which would be about 3,000 searches for bing/yahoo.

3. Prosper202 – A free conversion tracking software. This helps you make sure you are maximizing your dollars by properly tracking your conversions. Kevin walks you through how to set this up in his course.

4. CPV Labs – This is a premium Conversion tracker. If you have a bigger budget, Kevin recommends getting this one.

Closing Statements:

Kevin DEFINITELY knows what he’s talking about. I feel like this is one of the best sessions in the Zamurai Dojo to date. I really enjoyed it. Lots of great information shared.

If you want to learn how to dominate Bing/Yahoo CPC I highly recommend Kevin’s Course.

Joshua Zamora


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