2 High Quality SEO Content Writing Services I Use Personally

Hey Hey Guys! I have a very exciting article to share with you today! I recently posted a status on my Facebook wall about how I outsource my content writing for my niche sites and how it can free up a lot of time to focus on other things. .

There were a few people that seemed to be interested in learning how to find a great and inexpensive content writer. So I decided to put together this article to share with you how and where to find the best seo content writing services.

There are two main companies I use and so far I have had a great experience with both.

So let’s jump right in and cover the 2 SEO content writing services I use just about every week.

SEO Content Writing Services: GLA

1. GreenLight Articles: These guys here have some of the best and inexpensive content writers. The owner of GLA is Colin Klinkert the same guy who put together SocialMonkee which is one of the services I use for Social Bookmarking so I knew the level of value to expect when signing up for GLA.

SEO Content Writing ServicesA few Pros of GLA:

The great thing about GreenLight articles is I have never had to physically edit an article myself after placing my order. The article comes ready to publish and all I have to do is add my intro, my conclusion, my header tags, images, video and BOOM it’s ready to go.

The reason I add an intro and conclusion is to optimize it for my keywords, add my links to other blog posts, and to inject my personality into it so this is 100% optional.

Another great thing is I recently placed an order to have them write a press release for me and it came out extremely well. It cost me $8 when professional press release writing services cost between $300-$500 so if you would like to have a press release written GLA is good for that too.

A Few Cons of GLA:

Just one con of GLA is it’s a little more expensive then the next service I will be covering BUT the quality is a bit better and you have a much better chance of the article being ready to publish.

Be sure you ALWAYS tick the option to review the article first as well. That way you can choose to accept the article or not if for some reason the quality is not up to par.

 SEO Content Writing Services: iWriter

http://zamuraiblogger.com/dating-spots-in-chennai/: iWriter operates a little different but a lot less expensive. I have ordered over 60 articles from iWriter already and it’s where I order the bulk of my articles.

coffee maker with grinder and water hookupI have to say thank you to dating a libra woman for introducing me to iWriter it is absolutely an amazing resource.

A few pros of iWriter:

With iWriter you are in FULL control. The process works as follows

a. You load money into your account

b. You load your desired articles to be written (300 word articles for $2 and 500 word articles for $3)

c. Your article get’s broadcasted to their network of writers and one of them chooses to write it.

d. You are notified when an article is complete and you have the opportunity to review the article and choose wether to approve or reject it.

If you reject the article it gets put back into the pool and other writer’s can have a crack at it.

You could however choose from their featured writers on the homepage and see if they’d be willing to write for you but I have seen that most of them take on only the higher paid projects. You do have the option to pay them more if you’d like.

A few Tips To Follow on iWriter:

The way I recommend you use iWriter is load between 3-5 articles and wait for them to be written. Of those you will have one or two which are of superb quality.

From there you can message the writer who wrote the articles you like and see what their availability is like. If they say they’re available you can continue to hire them over and over. By doing this I have been able to build a group of 5 writers who write well which I keep quite busy. That way I can evenly distribute the articles between them and get more done in half the time.

On the other hand when loading your articles you can choose to have your article displayed to 4 and 5 star rated writers only but you will be paying more as I mentioned before.

A few cons of iWriter:

Since you will be paying between $2-$5 per article expect to get some EXTREMELY bad writen articles at first. But once you reject the bad ones and sort through the good ones you will start to build your team. It may take you a little longer to find a good writer as opposed to GLA but you are paying a lot less.

You may also have to fix a few grammar or spelling issue here and there but hey for $3 per article a few minutes of editing is fine with me.

That is pretty much it my friends these are the seo content writing services I use week in and week out. If you are looking to outsource your content sign up for one or both and start getting your articles written.

I hope this article helps you in some way.

To your Outsourcing Success,

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