[Interview] He Went From 0 To $5,000 Per Month In Under 7 Months….

EmailHey Zamurai Warriors,

I have another great session for you inside the Zamurai Dojo on the topic of list building. We all know that the money is in the list, right?

Regardless what traffic you’re going after, you always want to make sure you’re capturing email addresses. When you build your list you’re building a true asset that no Google update can ever take away.

Today, Brandon Shelton is going to share some powerful information on one of the quickest and cheapest ways to start building your list.

He personally went from ZERO to profiting $5,000 per month with Solo Ads. If you don’t know what Solo ads are or you’ve tried them with little success, make sure you grab your pen and paper and be ready to take notes.

He Went From 0 To $5,000 Per Month In Under 7 Months

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. Brandon Shelton’s Solo Ad Bible Course: This course walks you through from A-Z on building your list quickly and successfully using solo ads.

Brandon’s 5-Step Formula Covers:

– Creating Your Holy Grail – Here you’ll learn all of Brandon’s proven techniques for creating high-converting and profitable funnels.
– Finding Solo Ad Glory – Here’s Brandon dives deep into where and how to properly purchase solo ads for cheap! (in any niche too)
– Avoiding Solo Ad Hell – Here’s you’ll learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes most new solo buyers make. He gives you an entire formula to avoid getting scammed.
– Watching Your Angel Soar To Heaven – In this module you’ll learn how to properly track your solo ad traffic for maximum conversions.
– Spreading The Good Word – In the final module you’ll learn how to properly scale your solo ad traffic to make sure you are never without a consistent flow of traffic.

=> Download Solo Ad Bible Here <=

2. Every person with an email list is a potential solo ad seller. You just have to make sure you approach them correctly to get a great deal. You can offer a list owner free content for their subscribers and offer to PAY THEM to send it out. How many people would say no to a deal like that? (assuming you truly have great content of course 🙂 )

3. You should start small and gradually move into bigger buys. The last thing you want to do is get too confident too early and get burned.

Closing Statements:

Solo ads is one of my FAVORITE ways to build my list. I even created a trusted solo ads list here on my blog that you can see here.  Having an expert like Brandon on your side would definitely help you to avoid some costly mistakes and set you on the quick path to success.

I hope you enjoyed todays Zamurai Dojo session 🙂

To Your Solo Ad Success,

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