[Interview] How Amazon Lost 16 Billion Dollars in 1 Second…

speedHey Zamurai Warriors,

What would you do if you had 16 Billion dollars and it was taken away from you because of ONE lousy second?

That’s EXACTLY the amount of money Amazon calculated they lost in sales last year because their website was loading one second too slow..

Luke Corden stepped into the Zamurai Dojo to help us make sure we’re not losing out on any sales due to a slow website. The loading time of your site not only affects your users experience it also dramatically affects your SEO rankings.

Grab a pen and paper and make sure you take some notes.

Simple Steps To Improving Your Website Speed:

Resources Mentioned in the Video:

1. Speed Demon – This is Luke’s step-by-step video course that teaches you how you can easily improve your website speed. It consists of 5 modules that will almost guarantee you will shave off 3-4 seconds off your loading time, if not more.

Plus you can get it all for only $9.95…

=> Access Speed Demon Here

2. Image optimization is one of the biggest factors to improving your website speed. Always make sure to optimize your images prior to uploading them to your site. Not only in Dimensions, but also in weight.

3. Content Delivery Network – using a content delivery network can also help to dramatically improve your sites speed. Luke recommend Amazon s3, which is VERY inexpensive as well as Cloudflare, which is free.

Closing Remarks:

If you think the speed of your website doesn’t affect sales, ask Amazon how they feel about losing 16 Billion dollars because their site was loading 1 second too slowly 🙂

For under $10 you can get access to a high quality training course that teaches you how to dramatically improve your website speed.

Here’s the Free Module Luke Promised:

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