Article Samurai Review: Page 1 + $100 in sales

Hey guys today I want to share with you my article samurai review after being one of the lucky 500 to get in on the first launch.

article samurai review

As of today it has been 1 month since I signed up with article samurai and I am super impressed with the ease of syndicating articles and more importantly the ranking results I’ve received in return.

Article Samurai Review: Before and After

If you are more of a video person you can view my article samurai review below if you like written text go below the video…

As you can see from the video above before using article samurai I was able to get my sites to low page 1 High page 2 rankings from other backlinks methods and once I was able to get some article marketing backlinks my ranking improved dramatically.

article samurai review

I took the screenshot of this on my Market Samurai Rank tracker the day I purchased Article Samurai for the purpose of keeping track of my results.

So as you can see my rankings were ok but not bringing in the traffic that I wanted due to being mostly on page 2.

I got hard to work and began to syndicate articles and pushing backlinks to my sites. I was actually suprised because when they say you can syndicate articles in 5 minutes a day it is absolutely TRUE! (assuming the article is already written of course)

So after a month of being hard at work and submitting several articles I was able to reach these results

article samurai review after

I was absolutely AMAZED! I have slowly but surely climbed the ranks over the last 4 weeks and I’m just getting started!

It’s not like I have syndicated a TON of articles I’ve done about 2 per site (I have 7 websites) which is NOTHING compared to what I could be syndicating if I had more time to write.

Here is The BEST Part:

If you can see the red number 6, that particular site is in the web hosting niche and after being pushed to page 1 brought in it’s first 2 sales this past Monday the 19th!  That is right $100 in a day from a website which I’ve just set up about 2 months ago.

The site is relatively new and already produced it’s first 2 paying customers. I am absolutely STOKED to continue syndicating articles and reach the #1 spot!

article samurai review sales

What can you learn from my Article Samurai Review:

1. Article Marketing STILL WORKS!

2. High quality Blog Networks WORK!

3. Article Samurai ROCKS!

That’s what I’ve learned from this whole experience and I look forward to reporting back when I reach the #1 spot and the sales really start pouring in!

I hope this article samurai review helped you out and unfortunately Article Samurai is NOT available for sale to the public BUT I will be sure to let you know when it is.

To your Article Syndication Success,

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Author: Joshua Zamora

Hey Hey Welcome to ZamuraiBlogger ! I'm Joshua the webmaster of this bad boy. I'm a young entrepreneur born and raised in Miami Fl. I love internet marketing, blogging, learning new traffic strategies and helping others as well. I'm also pretty good at Chess, Poker, Basketball and I love going to concerts and watching movies.

32 thoughts on “Article Samurai Review: Page 1 + $100 in sales”

  1. Article + is the ultimate package for all my article marketing needs. Joshua, I’m proud to see you succeed. Question: Have you done seo on the site itself?

    1. I agree Johnny! I was actually avoiding ARticle Marketing because of the time it takes to actually syndicate an article and lo an behold Article Samurai came about and saved me! 🙂

      And I’m not what you mean by your question? Done SEO on which site? I do most of the SEO and article marketing for my niche sites

  2. I’m so excited about Article Samurai! I used it for only two high competition keywords in the travel niche during the last month, and now I’m ranking in the number 16 and 20 spots for those keywords when before I wasn’t even on the radar. Both of these phrases have around 20 million SERPs, so even though I’m not on page one yet, I know it’s doable, thanks to this great tool. Thanks for sharing your video, and congratulations for your success!

    1. Hey Linda trust me I share in your excitment! Article Marketing is fun to me now and seeing those pingbacks roll in! Congratulations on your success as well keep building backlinks and let me know when you make it to page 1!!! 8)

  3. Hello Joshua :

    can I say I am not agree at all with Article Samurai ?
    I was in the first 500 to get in and just to test I have done like you.
    I written my own article and spinned it inside AS. I syndicated it. Waited almost one month because I was not sure that I want to renew at 97$/month and finally I was very disappointed. I own a big list of old domain names (because I get them expired) and it is my real intention to help them being visited asap.
    I can say you that it was not the case with this test. And I can say that the domain name I used it in the test was in the range of page1/page2 for many requests on GG.

    In fact there is 2 things i am agree TOTALLY with you.
    1. YES, Article Marketing STILL WORKS!
    2. High quality Blog Networks WORK!
    adn for the 3. I can be ok with if Article Samurai was in a level of price under 50/month. But it is not the case because the second launch of AS will be higher than the first launch.

    What it as most disppointing for me ? the promise of AS to be syndicated on more then 20.000 sites. TOTALLY WRONG !
    Or at less in the test case I have made.
    Just 50+ sites where my article was accepted. 97$ for that ? or maybe the teste is too quick ?
    Thanks for your information anyway !

    1. Hey Bernard,
      Sorry to hear you are not seeing the same results. Question for you..Are you using other sources for backlinks as well? I reached page 2 by using other backlinking strategies and once I started using Article Samurai it pushed me to page one.

      So I can’t say Article Samurai alone put me on page one it was a combination of other sources with Article Samurai that made it happen.

      And yes you are correct that it does NOT syndicate to 50k sites BUT I just think the size of the network is 50k but only certain sites approve and publish your article.

      Overall I am happy with the software and the price. I think you should syndicate so more articles and use other backlinking methods as mentioned in the prelaunch videos and see if your rankings improve.

  4. I too, was fortunate to get into Article Samurai early! Before I started using it, I was totally off the radar for one of my very high competition keywords. (page 10+ in the serps)
    It’s 30 days into using Article Samurai and that keyword now ranks on page 2 of over 500 million SERPs!

  5. Hey Joshua, Nice video! I agree with you Article Samurai is really powerful I’ve been using it for the past month and have had similar results. Keep on pushing and I know you’ll get to $1,000 on that site in no time.

    P.S. HostGator pays $100 per sale(Flat, not tiered) if you promote them through Commission Junction.

    1. Hey James Are you serious man?? I’ve been marketing directly for Hostgator and have only been getting $50! I am going to Commission Junction right now!

      Thank you for the heads up man!

  6. Hey Joshua,

    You said in your video that you got that one website from page 2 to position 6 on page one… but the number 6 in the video is showing RED which means it went down, rather than up.

    You didnt even mention in your video why it is showing RED. While your talking and pointing to it and saying how you got from page 2 to page 1 – any experienced Samurai customer is thinking “But it’s RED, you LOST rankings…”

    Just an observation 😉


    1. Hey David! Great observation and you are totally right. That site has been bouncing between position 3-6. If I’m not mistaken the week of the 19th when the two sales came in I was in position 3. When I created the video I was 6th and now I’m back up to 3!

      Can’t seem to pierce pass the 3rd spot LOL will keep building backlinks. Thanks for stopping by

  7. I found your blog through SEO for WordPress on Linked In, and you’ve got all kinds of great information here. I work in a marketing department, and have just started doing this online stuff recently.

    There’s so much to learn, and you’ve been really helpful, so thanks, man! I just started a trial of Market Samurai, and am definitely going to look into putting Article Samurai to good use.

    1. Thank you Lee I really appreciate that. Yes there is a TON to learn so just make sure you know what you are after and stay focused.

      I’m glad you downloaded MS to get the most out of it make sure you watch the training videos on how to use it. If not it will be quite difficult to understand and you can easily get overwhelmed.

      Article Samurai is currently not for sale but still a powerful tool.

      Good to have you here Lee. Look forward to helping you any way I can.

    1. Not Yet Kevin. I have not heard of anything. But most likely in about 3 more month. It’s open been about 4 months since it’s release so once they gather more feedback from the beta users they should reopen.

      I will keep you updated. I use Article Samurai almost everyday and it is awesome for article syndication.

  8. very dubious about this article samurai.
    i used it once only but was put off because I couldn’t see
    an indication of where I was being published,
    or at least it wasn’t obvious where I could see theses stats.
    There’s so many people and companies making huge promises
    with their software ( i think they are aiming for the newbies without
    much knowledge) that I am very cynical and move on very quickly unless
    it stands up to their claims very fast.
    Sorry Guys

    1. Hey David! After about 3 months of Article samurai’s release I am still a subscriber and absolutely LOVE it. I think you do have to give it time to adjust to it and see the results. Most of the sites I use it on are on WordPress so I get notified via a ‘pingback’ every time my article’s are being published and I have a plugin that allows me to export ALL my pingbacks at once so I am able to keep records of all the links being published.

      So far across 3 of my sites each have received well over 700 pingbacks over 3 months and and have earned over $2,000 in commission’s over the holiday season due to the increase in my rankings.

      But of course this is not my only backlinking method I couple article samurai with senuke and am seeing some great rankings.

  9. I’ve been using Article Samurai for less than a month. I’m a copywriter and marketing consultant. With all the training I’ve received on Article and Market Samurai I’ve recently moved into SEO copywriting. Using Article Samurai I am now on page one of Google for my targeted keyword phrase. Yesterday I got my first sale from my website alone — for keyword research and SEO copywriting a website. The sale more than pays for a year of using Article Samurai. The client said he found me on page 1 of Google, liked my website better than any of those above me and knew I had to be good at what I did because I was there!! Needless to say, I’m going to keep using it. (BTW– I think for it to work you still have to have decent content.)

    1. WOW awesome!! Congrats Carolyn I’m glad to hear it’s working well for you as well. And yes the training alone that the Noble samurai team provides is PRICELESS!

      Thanks for stopping by

  10. What I would like to ask is how the competition of those keywords that he was ranking for? If he targeting no to less competition keywords, then … I think it is no problem to get rank that fast especially he got all his onpage optimized.
    Sorry, not mean to be the negative one here. But I think case study should be present as clear as possible.

    1. Hey Henry,

      Yes those words were not as competitive but I now use article samurai across all my websites and continue to see great rankings with keywords with a bit more competition. I of course follow the rules of article samurai training and target high searched low competition keywords. I spend a good amount of my time doing keyword research. Why make it harder for myself to target harder competition keywords when there are a ton of low competition long tails out there? 🙂

  11. Hi,

    Nice to see the review. I am lucky that I got AS in second lot and am using it since about 15-20 days, but there is no as such drastic change but it would too early to say anything as of now. I may have to use it some more to see any changes.

    However, I do have small question? How frequent did you sent Articles for distribution? I have this doubt always, what number of articles did you sent and at rate? i.e did you sent new articles every day? If so then for how many days did you sent?


    1. Hey Raghu,

      I started slow at the beginning as well about 2-3 articles a week but now since I got the hang of it I am able to quickly go in an syndicate 15 articles in under a couple hours and with the scheduler feature I am able to schedule a months worth of articles in one day. If it’s a fairly new website start slow and then you can start increasing overtime as your website grows.

      Can I ask where you saw the link to my review? It’s been getting quite a bit of extra traffic the last couple days and I haven’t done any extra marketing for it…

  12. Hi Joshua,

    Came here from the email Noble Samurai sent out. You must be getting tons of new traffic. Did you need to do anything extra besides writing the review for them to spotlight you in a email blast?

    Article Samurai looks awesome. Thanks for providing the valuable review.

    1. Hey Dan,

      Yes I got quite a bit of traffic the first time they mailed out to the first group of users and I did not realize they mailed out again until I saw the spike in traffic and comments coming in over the last couple days. . But all I did was simply put article samurai to use… I saw results and I sent in my review to their support team and they decided to mail out to their list. So it worked out quite well.

      And yes it is awesome and it’s a tool I use A LOT!

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