Backlink Fridays: Episode 1 Links from PR4-PR8

Hey Hey everyone I’m absolutely STOKED to start this series of articles every Friday on exactly HOW and WHERE I drop my backlinks. Every Friday I will share with you 5 high pagerank website where you can drop your backlinks.

how to get backlinksOne question I have been getting a lot lately is how to get backlinks to out rank your competition. And that is what has inspired this series I’m calling Backlink Fridays!

I’m not only going to give you the links to the websitesย  BUT get in the trenches and walk you through HOW to insert your links.

If you are not quite at this stage of your SEO please DO NOT worry this article is mainly for those of you who already understand On page SEO and want to boost your rankings with GREAT backlinks.

If you are brand new to SEO please do not worry I will not leave you behind. I will be walking you through every step of the process I covered in my previous What Is SEO article in future blog posts.

So let’s get started with this short video on how to get backlinks….

How To Get Backlinks: Video 1

Backlink Friday Websites:

1. : PR4 Root Domain Website

Oyax is simply a link exchange community with do follow links. Sign up and hit “Add Link” in the Top Right

how to get backlinks oyax

2. : PR8 Root Domain Website

Merchant Circle is a great website that connects local businesses together and they can trade services etc.

Not only is it a great place to offer your serice to your local community once you set up your account you are also given access to your very own member blog.

You can publish articles just as you would with your WordPress blog and insert links back to your site.

how to get backlinks merchant3, : PR 6 Root Domain Website

Shell Live Wire is another website that allows you to set up an account and with that account you get your very own blog. Publish an article just like merchant cirle with links back to your site.

how to get backlinks shell

4. : PR 7 Root Domain Website

Colour Lovers is a community where people from around the world share their love for different colors. Although you do NOT get a blog by setting up your profile you DO get a Bio section where you can insert your HREF code.

5. quotes about being friends before dating PR 7 Root Domain Website

Open Salon is a social content site where again you get your very own blog once you sign up for a free account. Now you do have to be careful and NOT spam this or any site. I did this and got my account shut down so learn from my mistakes. Publish good content.

how to get backlinks op

I have not yet tried publishing another blog post BUT they do have an area to add links.

how to get backlinks cl2

That is it my friends! I hope you enjoy the launch of Backlink Fridays and how to get backlinks from high pagerank websites.

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To Your Backlinking Success,

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Author: Joshua Zamora

Hey Hey Welcome to ar ar dating ! I'm Joshua the webmaster of this bad boy. I'm a young entrepreneur born and raised in Miami Fl. I love internet marketing, blogging, learning new traffic strategies and helping others as well. I'm also pretty good at Chess, Poker, Basketball and I love going to concerts and watching movies. dancing with the stars dating

22 thoughts on “Backlink Fridays: Episode 1 Links from PR4-PR8”

  1. This is going to be fantastic series. Some people get paid for this kind of information. In fact, last year I subscribed to a paid newsletter where each week she sent an email similar to what you’re doing here. I dropped it because I thought it would make my links too spammy. The difference here, I think, is your back-engineering method.

    I added my links to last night but had to get to bed. I’ll finish the reast today. I appreciate all the sharing you do.

    1. Hey Brian! Yes some could call it spam some could call it using the resources those sites give you when you set up your account. Of course you do not want to abuse the site and just blast your links everywhere.

      The other good thing is your backlinks on those sites get indexed within 24-48 hours. I may consider starting a paid service. Or doing a one off WSO. 8) but for now Free.

  2. Great idea for a series! I just shared this on our FB page as well.

    Do you see backlinks eventually taking a “backseat” to rich snippets (like authorship) and social shares (like +1’s)?

    – Mercer

    1. Hey Chris! thanks man! Gota get myself on a blogging schedule 8) Thanks for sharing man and for stopping by.

      I think it will all work together. Instead of backlinks taking a back seat I think Google may consider authorship and +1’s part of rankings as well as backlinks.

  3. Josh, nice tutorial! I use a podcasting site called MixCloud for this and as you know, I’m using Blog Engage as another excellent tool for creating tons of backlinks.
    Do you ever use Chrome? They have a nice extension called SEO Site Tools that I know you’ll love. It highlights the nofollow links for you.
    Btw – let me know if you’re getting any traffic from Blog Engage because I submitted a couple of your posts over there.

    1. Hey Ileane actually I did not know you have a podcast. Please tell me more. I know it is a great way to drive traffic as well although I have yet to explore it. But I can easily start turning my articles and videos into podcasts.

      I use Firefox and the Nofollow plugin to highlight no vs follow links. Not a fan of chrome 8)

      Thank you very much for submitting my articles to blog engage. I am highly considering joining. Do you get some good traffic from it?

      Also as you can see my commentluv isnt working still ๐Ÿ™

  4. Like Ileane, I have also been using Blog Engage. In fact, I came here from there.

    I didn’t know about many of the services/sites you talked about here, and never really thought about using the blog features from different sites to generate backlinks. I guess I was concerned with how the search engines react.

    I’ll have to try it out and see what happens. I guess the key is to not go overboard with the linking as it will look like spam. Everything in moderation.

    1. Hey Paul! It’ nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by. I am going to sign up for blog engage today and start exploring it more. I keep hearing great things.

      And yes there are A TON of sites out there that offer member blogs so why not take advantage of them 8) You can think of it as Article Marketing only that you have FULL control and can insert in-context do follow links in your articles.

      And of course anything can be abused to I recommend just to write a high quality short article and limit it to 3 links per article. Or you can just spin articles you already have and use that.

      Look forward to seeing you one BE.

  5. Got your post via LinkedIn, glad I click it! You’ve got a gold mine of info in here. Thank you for sharing!
    Btw, commentluv doesn’t work. Better contact the author ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Posting these blog articles is working out really well, Joshua, thanks again. I have had two different attempts at creating blogs removed from Open Salon, though. I posted a couple of different articles that had genuine, unique, all original content, keeping it down to one link, but both profiles got removed. You think there’s another mistake I’m making as I try to post there?

    All the other websites you’ve mentioned throughout your blog have worked really well, and I figured if I’m only getting rejected by this one of these many sites, that’s pretty good. Just wondering if there’s something I was missing about that particular site?

    1. Hey Lee,
      Great to hear from you. I’m glad they are helping out. Don’t feel too bad I have gotten shut down from Open Salon as well. Some moderators are more strict then others.

      A few tips I can share is to
      1. Fill out your profile page as much as possible. (even upload a picture etc)
      2. Wait a day or two before publishing your first article.

      You can also try to publish an article first WITHOUT inserting links. Then go back a couple days later and insert your links.

      And of course it is a numbers game and there are plenty of member blogs out there.

      I will have to continue the backlink fridays series soon I have been quite busy with a few projects.

      I hope this helps.

  7. i am really finding it hard to get backlinks to my blog. i actually use thr free blog offered by google and i have written upto 35 articles with and sent a link to my blog, but when i checked on google and other search engines i could not see a single article from ideamarketers linking back to my site. am really worried and need your help. please help me

    1. Hey,
      I actually do not know how ideamarketers operates but why would you put all your eggs in one basket. If I had 35 unique articles to syndicate I would submit one to 35 different article directories. Or group them into 5 and use 7 different directories.

      Also I see you are targetting “how to lose weight” Why go after such a competitive keyword term? unless you are willing to weight 6 months to a year for results and a TON of hard work on your part to go with it.

      You are also going to need more then just article marketing to compete in that market such as forums, profile links, social bookmarking etc.

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