Backlink Friday’s Episode 4: G.Y.B + Cool Forum Trick

Hey Hey my friend welcome to this weeks Backlink Friday’s Episode! It is truly an exciting one this week! I just have a couple things to cover before we get started.

1. If you haven’t read my previous post “3 KILLER Places To Syndicate Your Content Fro Maximum Exposure” make sure you do that as well because I cover 3 high PR websites to get backlinks from.

2. Go Watch This Video NOW <—— I have been following the launch videos for  SEO Experts Academy and the first video is absolutely MIND BLOWING! I learned how to get Do Follow PR- 7 Backlinks.You do have to optin but it’s well worth it.

Matt Carter has been my SEO mentor since I started learning SEO  and I am super excited for his upcoming product S.E.A.

Now let’s get started with this weeks edition of Backlinks Friday’s

How To Get High Pr Backlinks:

How To Get High PR Backlinks: The Text

1. iGoogle: PR 8 Root Domain Website (surprised it’s not a 10)

igoogle how to get backlinks

iGoogle is obviously a Google product where you can pretty much add and customize all types of  entertainment in one location.

What you’re going to be doing here is signing up/in to your Google account. Go To iGoogle and to the left you’re going to see a red box that says “Add Gadgets”

From there scroll to the left hand side and you will see “Add feed or Gadget” hit that button and submit the feed to your website which is basically “”

2. adult dating in tulsa ok: PR 9 Root Domain Website

My Yahoo is exactly the same as iGoogle were just going to be submitting your feed to Yahoo.

First you will sign in/up to your Yahoo account and got to My Yahoo right underneath where it says “My Yahoo” click on “Add Content”

Then right in the middle it will say “Add RSS Feed” click on that and do the same thing you did for iGoogle.

3. did the enola gay have fighter escort: PR 8 Root Domain Website

mymsn how to get backlinks

This is again the same as Yahoo and iGoogle. Once you are signed in go to the top right side where it says “Add Content”

Once you hit that, scroll to the left side where it says “Add RSS feed” and do the same thing as the previous two.

4. Warrior Forum: PR 5 Root Domain Website

how to get backlinks

The Warrior Forum is not only a great place to learn, teach, help and make new connections they also allow you to have a signature once you’ve made 15 posts.

So do NOT be concerned if you sign up to the forum and you’re signature is not showing up. It will once you have made 15 posts.

I also show you a trick in the video on how I am able to get more backlinks by using the WSYIWYG editor and inserting “periods” as backlinks.

Since they do only allow you 3 lines for your signature inserting a few “…..” as backlinks can help you add more links.

Although it’s not as powerful as an anchor text backlink it will still push some juice to your site.

5. PR 4 Root Domain Website

how to get backlinks

Vermantaco is a Social bookmarking site that get’s indexed extremely quickly and has some great PR.

I have been doing quite a bit of Social Bookmaring lately and have become a huge fan of using it as a backlinking strategy.

All you have to do is sign up for a new account and hit “Submit New Story” every time you want to add a new link and keyword.

Make sure you use your Main keyword as the title.

That is pretty much it my friends for this weeks edition of Backlink Friday’s.

If it helped you at all be sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with you’re friends on Facebook.

Also do NOT forget to head on over and Watch this Video to learn how to get PR 7 Do Follow Backlinks.

To Your Backlinking Success,

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Backlink Fridays Episode 2: Big Time Link Juice!

Hey my friend! First off Happy Friday!

I’m excited to be here with you sharing my backlink Friday Episode 2 with you! If you missed Episode one on how to get backinks be sure to go back and visit that post as well.

This week is an exciting week for backlinks and I will be sharing some great high pagerank websites to drop your backlinks.

If you can remember from last week I am a HUGE fan of member blogs!


  1. Because you have FULL control of your blog and backlinks.
  2. You are basically building your own network of high pagerank blogs that you can use over and over and over again whenever you are trying to rank for a new keyword.

So let’s not waste anytime and jump right in!

How To Get Backlinks: The Video

Backlink Fridays: The Websites

For those of you that rather read the information here you go…

1. PR 8 Root Domain website

If you have not heard of this tiny little gamer blog then you must be living under a rock. 8) They are actually one of the largest gamer blogs on the net today but what some of you may not know is they allow you to set up and account and with that account comes your very own WordPress member blog. Yes IGN does run on WordPress!

So just set up your account got to your blog and start publishing articles!

2. PR 7 Root Domain Website

Mevio is another entertainment type website and they too allow you to set up your account and with your account comes your very own blog!

So set up your account sign in and publish your article!

3. PR 4 Root Domain Website

BTZ is another great small business website that allows you to have your own member blog by simply setting up your account.

4. PR 6 Root Domain Website

My opera is again a member blog where you can syndicate your articles and send backlinks to your  website.

5, PR 6 Root Domain Website

Branica is a little different than the other 4 sources I’ve covered today and it’s kind of like a link exchange process.They will be giving you a backlink from their website and you add a button to your site with a backlink to their website.

I like to have a wide variety of backlinks and if all I have to do is add a small button to my site to get a backlink I’m all for it.

So that’s it for this week edition of Backlinks Fridays!

As you can see again I shared with you some great high pagerank member blogs where you can syndicate your articles and if you are wondering whether or not article marketing works you may want to read my article samurai review and see the results I’ve seen my using Article marketing ALONE. (Unfortunately the software is NOT currently for sale BUT it shows the power of article marketing)

Trust me guys there is a reason why people are paying hundreds of dollars a month to be part of a Blog Network which syndicate your articles across all their blogs!

The good thing is ARTICLE MARKETING WORKS and by showing you all of these member blogs you are basically building your own Blog Network!

To your Backlinking Success,

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Backlink Fridays: Episode 1 Links from PR4-PR8

Hey Hey everyone I’m absolutely STOKED to start this series of articles every Friday on exactly HOW and WHERE I drop my backlinks. Every Friday I will share with you 5 high pagerank website where you can drop your backlinks.

how to get backlinksOne question I have been getting a lot lately is how to get backlinks to out rank your competition. And that is what has inspired this series I’m calling Backlink Fridays!

I’m not only going to give you the links to the websites  BUT get in the trenches and walk you through HOW to insert your links.

If you are not quite at this stage of your SEO please DO NOT worry this article is mainly for those of you who already understand On page SEO and want to boost your rankings with GREAT backlinks.

If you are brand new to SEO please do not worry I will not leave you behind. I will be walking you through every step of the process I covered in my previous What Is SEO article in future blog posts.

So let’s get started with this short video on how to get backlinks….

How To Get Backlinks: Video 1

Backlink Friday Websites:

1. : PR4 Root Domain Website

Oyax is simply a link exchange community with do follow links. Sign up and hit “Add Link” in the Top Right

how to get backlinks oyax

2. : PR8 Root Domain Website

Merchant Circle is a great website that connects local businesses together and they can trade services etc.

Not only is it a great place to offer your serice to your local community once you set up your account you are also given access to your very own member blog.

You can publish articles just as you would with your WordPress blog and insert links back to your site.

how to get backlinks merchant3, : PR 6 Root Domain Website

Shell Live Wire is another website that allows you to set up an account and with that account you get your very own blog. Publish an article just like merchant cirle with links back to your site.

how to get backlinks shell

4. : PR 7 Root Domain Website

Colour Lovers is a community where people from around the world share their love for different colors. Although you do NOT get a blog by setting up your profile you DO get a Bio section where you can insert your HREF code.

5. PR 7 Root Domain Website

Open Salon is a social content site where again you get your very own blog once you sign up for a free account. Now you do have to be careful and NOT spam this or any site. I did this and got my account shut down so learn from my mistakes. Publish good content.

how to get backlinks op

I have not yet tried publishing another blog post BUT they do have an area to add links.

how to get backlinks cl2

That is it my friends! I hope you enjoy the launch of Backlink Fridays and how to get backlinks from high pagerank websites.

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To Your Backlinking Success,

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