Backlink Fridays Episode 2: Big Time Link Juice!

Hey my friend! First off Happy Friday!

I’m excited to be here with you sharing my backlink Friday Episode 2 with you! If you missed Episode one on how to get backinks be sure to go back and visit that post as well.

This week is an exciting week for backlinks and I will be sharing some great high pagerank websites to drop your backlinks.

If you can remember from last week I am a HUGE fan of member blogs!


  1. Because you have FULL control of your blog and backlinks.
  2. You are basically building your own network of high pagerank blogs that you can use over and over and over again whenever you are trying to rank for a new keyword.

So let’s not waste anytime and jump right in!

How To Get Backlinks: The Video

Backlink Fridays: The Websites

For those of you that rather read the information here you go…

1. PR 8 Root Domain website

If you have not heard of this tiny little gamer blog then you must be living under a rock. 8) They are actually one of the largest gamer blogs on the net today but what some of you may not know is they allow you to set up and account and with that account comes your very own WordPress member blog. Yes IGN does run on WordPress!

So just set up your account got to your blog and start publishing articles!

2. PR 7 Root Domain Website

Mevio is another entertainment type website and they too allow you to set up your account and with your account comes your very own blog!

So set up your account sign in and publish your article!

3. PR 4 Root Domain Website

BTZ is another great small business website that allows you to have your own member blog by simply setting up your account.

4. PR 6 Root Domain Website

My opera is again a member blog where you can syndicate your articles and send backlinks to your  website.

5, PR 6 Root Domain Website

Branica is a little different than the other 4 sources I’ve covered today and it’s kind of like a link exchange process.They will be giving you a backlink from their website and you add a button to your site with a backlink to their website.

I like to have a wide variety of backlinks and if all I have to do is add a small button to my site to get a backlink I’m all for it.

So that’s it for this week edition of Backlinks Fridays!

As you can see again I shared with you some great high pagerank member blogs where you can syndicate your articles and if you are wondering whether or not article marketing works you may want to read my see the results I’ve seen my using Article marketing ALONE. (Unfortunately the software is NOT currently for sale BUT it shows the power of article marketing)

Trust me guys there is a reason why people are paying hundreds of dollars a month to be part of a Blog Network which syndicate your articles across all their blogs!

The good thing is ARTICLE MARKETING WORKS and by showing you all of these member blogs you are basically building your own Blog Network!

To your Backlinking Success,

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Author: Joshua Zamora

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16 thoughts on “Backlink Fridays Episode 2: Big Time Link Juice!”

  1. Is it means when i set up an account in those website, it will publish my post or in other word, synchronize my own blog with the account? Correct me if i am wrong.

    1. Hey Ricky! Thank for stopping by. No these sites DO NOT synchronize with your blog post. Think of these are Article Marketing. You will publish short articles on these sites with lnks back to your site.

      Hope that clears is up if not let me know

  2. This is great man! I’m just starting backlinking for a niche site I recently started, and am definitely going to use these. Now, the only problem with sites like these is that people abuse them, and the owners usually delete anything that looks like spam.

    How do you go about dropping your backlink and making it look natural? I’d assume the first step is to complete your profile fully, right? Any other suggestions?

  3. Hey Ben,

    You are right people do abuse them. And I did too early on as all I was doing was putting up “blogs” filled with links and got shut down.

    So what I’m doing now is writing short 200-300 word articles and inserting 3 links max. And making sure the article is good quality.

    I see you are starting an iphone site. Same here man just started one up today. Would love to brain storm.

    1. Hey Sanjay, again this was sitting in spam.

      I use Article Samurai to syndicate my articles. But to these sites I just manually type a quick 150-200 word article and insert my links. Most of the time it’s just a short variation of a previous article I wrote. As long as you don’t just publish an article with nothing but links you should be ok.

      Trust me I was doing that before and I got my account closed from several whoops I learned the hard way.

      I also limit the links to 3 per article.

    1. Hey man,

      Some will get indexed on their own just from their authority and others won’t. Not matter what I still make a note of all the places I drop backlinks and do my own indexing to help Google find them quicker.

  4. It is still very tedious work like this.
    I was trying out some directory link building services but they gave me a link sheet with only the links of the root domain and not the direct link domain so I was not able to easily ping these links.

    Do you know of a link service that gives you report with direct links to where you can instant see where the links are published?

    Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    1. I agree my friend. But I think doing manually at first has really helped me to understand what it takes to get to page 1. Now I have moved on to using a lot more automated software and have a great idea of how to use them properly from my experience of manually link building.

      If you would like send me an email to and we can talk about running one of your websites through my software which provides full reports of the links. I have not yet offered it as a service but I’d be glad to talk about it.

  5. Hey Josh great site with brilliant info, it´s a subject I seem to have a major problem with at the moment but following your stuff is making it a lot clearer, and I presume that Chris Farrel is your mentor which can only be a good thing as I believe him to be the best internet marketeer online at the moment. Keep up the good work I will certainly be following this blog .

  6. Hey, very nice link buiding resources you add here!!

    While it’s true that the root domain has high page rank, isn’t it also true that once we created page from that site, it will only has page rank of 0. I know that small backlink is better than no backlink, but considering that we should create 150 – 250 word article first, isn’t it too time consuming?

    Well, but considering how good your site ranked in search engine, i assume that this techniques works wonder. 😀 Gonna try this soon!

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