[Free] Leaked Coaching Session Exposes Profitable Video Techniques

Top SecretHey Zamurai Warrior,

About a month ago, I jumped on a private coaching session with a fellow Zamurai Warrior, Steve Kent.

Steve had a TON of questions and doubts about where to go with his video marketing campaigns and boy did he ask away!

This has to be one of the best coaching sessions I’ve had as Steve held nothing back and really asked some tough questions.

A lot of questions were ones that I get asked by a lot of people, so I figured you’d find some value from it as well.

Leaked Coaching Session Exposes Profitable Techiniques

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I really hope you get some great value from this video.

Your Marketing Sensei,

Joshua Zamora

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Cropped [Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

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My Simple Process For Uncovering Profitable Markets

Smart-Idea-150x150Hey Zamurai Warrior,

I hope you’re having an awesome day!

Today I wanted to give you an over-the-shoulder look at how I uncover profitable keywords in a matter of minutes.

This is the same process I use over and over every time. I even did it with nothing but free tools.

It’s a short 20 minute video, which contains a ton of value.

My Simple Process For Uncovering Profitable Markets

If you want to take this process and automate it, I highly recommend checking out Tube ViperX.

It’s a great Mac or PC tools that will help you analyze your competition in greater detail.

Check it out here.

If you want to learn more about my video marketing strategies, check out my Zamurai Video Bootcamp course.

Your Marketing Sensei,

signature [Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

Cropped [Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

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[Interview] The King of Interactive Videos Unleashed

Ray LaneHey Hey Zamurai Warriors,

I’m back again with another great interview for you. Today, I had the pleasure of speaking with the KING of Interactive Videos, Ray Lane.

Ray Lane is one of the most creative YouTube Marketers I know. He’s the KING of interactive videos in my book. If you have any interest in learning the best tools to use to make professional videos or want to learn how to offer video marketing services to local businesses, this video will ROCK your socks off!

And Yes my hair is all jacked up in the video, what’s new 🙂 

The Best Tools For Video Creation And Beyond

 Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. YouTube Interactive – Ray Lanes Awesome Course and Graphics Pack to take full advantage of YouTube’s Call To Action Overlay Feature. Ray has seen up to a 30% bump in conversions. 

2. Kodak Zi8 Camera – Very Inexpensive Camera that shoots high quality video and has a mic port. 

Biggest Takeaways From Ray’s Interview:

1. Charge what you feel you are worth. Don’t be known as the “cheap guy”. 

2. It’s always easier to come down in price than go up in price. 

3. Audio is more important than visual. If you have a visually crappy video but your audio is great people will watch it more than a nice visual video with crappy audio.  

4. Just MAKE A VIDEO ALREADY! Just because we talk about some cool gadgets that you can use to make better videos, don’t let that stop you if you can’t buy those now. When I started I used what I had,which was the built in microphone from my computer. It wasn’t until this year that I finally decided to upgrade my Mic. 

To Your Success,

signature [Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

Cropped [Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

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[Interview] 2 Expert Video Marketers Reveal Their Best Kept Secrets

youtubeHey Hey Zamurai Warriors,

Man, do I have an AWESOME video to share with you today.

I just spent the last 30 minutes talking to a couple of guys who are doing some VERY powerful stuff with YouTube and Clickbank.

These guys are on top of their game and one of them is BARELY legal 🙂 

Sit back, relax and enjoy this very powerful video with some cool and creative ideas for YouTube Marketing.

I personally had a HUGE AHA Moment at around the 11:15 mark 🙂

Video Profiting Factors For TODAY And Beyond

Resources Mentioned in The Video:

1. Devin and Wyatts Video Ranking Blueprint

2. Clickbank Atlas Course Teaching You How To Make Passive Income With Video 

3. Money-Mindset.net – Awesome Resource For Making Money Online

Closing Statements:

I truly enjoyed having Devin and Wyatt share some powerful information with you guys tonight. This is something that I plan to do more of.

Although I know a thing or two about YouTube Video Marketing I really liked getting another perspective and new ideas. 

There were a few times during this interview where I had some AHA moments. I hope you enjoy this interview and get some tips from it as well. 

To Your Success,

signature [Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days

Cropped [Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days

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point here animated [Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days

[Case Study] 3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days


Hey Hey Zamurai Warriors,

Today, I have a great Case Study to share with you. I put up a new video a few days ago and it only took 3 simple steps that took 20 minutes of actual work to get it ranking on Page 1 of Google.

Watch the short video below to learn how.

3 Steps To Page 1 of Google in 4 Days:

Resources mentioned in the Video:

1. Social Monkee – Great private Social Bookmarking Network to get anywhere from 50-200 bookmarks per URL depending on the account level you have.

2. Vagex (currently closed) for getting high quality views and likes. You can use our Tube Sniper Suite Software as an alternative.

3. My Video marketing case study – In this case study I go further into the different link building that I do to my videos.

What I plan to do to get the video ranking Higher on Page 1:

1. Send 1,000 Wiki Links using Wiki Robot. Get a special 40% discount on Wiki Robot here.

2. Send 500-1,000 Social Bookmarking links. You can order from this reputable Fiverr Vendor.

That is it for today! Get out there and get your videos online and ranking.

To Your Video Marketing Success,



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3 Keys to Successful Traffic Buying Anyone Can Apply

Hey guys! It’s been quite a while since I posted an article here on my blog and there’s good reason for that. I was drilling down and really working hard to rank my niche sites and I was actually doing quite well.

I had reached the point where I was getting about 10,000 visitors per month to my various blogs but from one day to the next and the latest Google Penguin Update I lost 90% of my traffic.

Now everyone is really riding the “What is Google Penguin” train right now and Google isn’t really going to go into detail about who the update was really targeting but I know I had the BEST content in my various niches as I ALWAYS put content and user experience over rankings. Yet my sites still got hit.

But hey that’s business and at the end of the day Google can do what ever they want to do. Instead of rolling in my own pity I decided to do something about it and restructure by business. I have now moved on to paid traffic and I do not know why I didn’t just start there from the beginning.

It’s an undeniable fact that buying your traffic is one of the FASTEST ways to get traffic to your offers. Whether it’s through pay per click, cost per view, banner buys, or social media, putting money down and buying your traffic can bring you results faster than just about any method out there.

The problem is, most people have no idea how to do it, and what the key factors are for a successful campaign I know I didn’t before coming across Chad Hamzeh and his Traffic Blackbook Training.

In this article, I’m going to teach you the 3 things to consistently apply if you want to have any chance of success with converting your traffic into sales.

1. Target a Specific Market

Too often, marketers start their campaigns with the wrong questions. They ask themselves, “What offer has the highest payout”, or “How much money can I make promoting this?”. They tend to forget that they’re marketing to actual PEOPLE.

The first step is to ask yourself, “who am I marketing to?”. Better yet, “who is my prospect, and what do they want?” Create a really in depth image of who your customer is, what are their fears and desires. What problems do they have, and how can you help solve them?

Find large markets to focus in, and then splinter and segment them down to more manageable parts. Find a segment of a high volume market that has a specific desire and see if you can fulfill that.

The most successful marketers focus on 1 or 2 markets, and 1 or 2 traffic channels. They don’t bounce around hopping (and hoping) from one thing to the next.

2. Market a Converting Offer

Basically, sending a million clicks to an offer no one wants will just cost you money. To find a converting offer, the first thing I recommend for CPA affiliate marketers is to have a good relationship with your affiliate manager. You will want to test and rotate a couple of their top recommendations to see if you can find a winner. (CPA marketing is the model I have decided to target with my paid traffic)

If you’re promoting Clickbank products, stick with the products that you see promoted the most with the highest traffic levels. Use Compete.com to check traffic levels for specific clickbank vendors, and if they have high popularity/gravity as well as high historical traffic, it’s worth rotating and testing that offer.

Now, if you’re a product owner, you’re going to want deeper pockets. Basically, you’re going to need to drive traffic to your offer and test different aspects of your offer. These could be price, trial offers, continuity options, etc.

Again, the offer is very important. If you are sending actual humans to your offer/page and you’re not converting, then it’s the offer and presentation of the offer that is wrong, or you’ve completely targeted the wrong market. You haven’t picked the right offer for that market.

3. Become a Click Through Rate GOD

Your click through rate is the number of times your ad gets clicked vs. the number of times it gets shown. So, if your ad is clicked 4 times out of 100 views (impressions), you have a click through rate of 4%.

The fact is, on almost all paid traffic platforms, having a high click through rate will make your traffic cheaper.

A few good ways to improve your click through rate are:

  • Bid high. For the majority of platforms, with the exception of FB among others, your bid dictates your positioning in the ad queue. Bidding high enough to be shown in good positions (2-3) will get your ads clicked on more often for keywords/placements that sell. But, regardless of the platform, if your bids are way too low, you won’t get very many impressions. This is why I set a lower budget but keep my bids high, it helps me get the data I need without going broke!
  •  Using shock, fear, numbers, and question marks in your ads. You’ve probably all heard this before, but it’s essential. I will show some of my ads in the case study.
  • And of course, focus on selling benefits and not features. Most people don’t care about you or the features of your service, they want to know what’s in it for them.

So there you have it. Master those 3 aspects of your online marketing, especially with paid advertising, and you can begin to write your own ticket (and your own checks!).

[box type=”important”]If you want to learn the nitty gritty details of how to buy and optimize massive amounts of traffic, then check out Chad Hamzeh’s Traffic BlackBook course today and get in the drivers seat of your online business.[/box]


To Your Traffic Success,



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How To Get Targeted Website Traffic From YouTube in 3 Easy Steps

Hey Hey my friend,

Today I want to talk to you about a simple system I use to drive targeted website traffic to my website’s using YouTube.

targeted website trafficIt is really a simple system and you don’t even need to be on camera if you are not comfortable creating a face to face video.

For me personally what works best is short videos that teach people something, share a free resource etc. This post is not going to be about how to create a video but I basically use a screen recorder that costs $12 per year and has all the functions of Camtasia.

There is also a free version which has a few limitations but works just as fine. You can record up to 15 minutes for free. It is called Screen-cast-o-matic. (non affiliate link – and as always all my links open in a new window)

Now the next step could be done before or after you create your video but it is the most important piece to the whole puzzle.
And yes it’s called Keyword Research.

Step 1: Keyword Research

Keyword research is something that a lot of people really do NOT like to do but what they fail to realize is good keyword research is where A LOT of money is made online. Spending the time to find these keywords is definitely worth it if you are serious about creating a successful online business.

And the great thing is once you get the hang of keyword research you can get in and out with a great keyword in about 5-10 minutes.

Now the good thing about this approach (using YouTube) is that you can enter into a relatively high competitive niche and still make it to page one of Google fairly quickly.

Watch the video below for a quick video on keyword research

Targeted Website Traffic Research Video:

The search strings I mention in the video:
inurl:”keyword” — Anything below 100k results is fine
intitle:”keyword” Anything below 100k results is fine
Atleast 500 Local Searches per month

Step 2: Upload and Optimize Your Video

Once your keyword research is done it is time to either create your video OR if your video is already created, it’s time to upload it to YouTube and Optimize it for your keyword. Now it is VERY important that you follow the following steps to the T!

1. BEFORE you upload your video to YouTube change the name of the video file on your computer to your target keyword. So if it’s currently saved on your hard drive as “youtubevideo” change it your “you target keyword.”

Once that is done upload your video and go to step 2.

2. Insert your Keyword in the title of your YouTube video settings. This should happen automatically if you followed step #1. But you want to spice it up and add some attention grabbing text at the end of it.

For Example: Nikon XXX Camera Review: A mind BLOWING Video
or something along those lines.

3. Insert your call to action link as the first line of your description area and make sure you include the http:// . Failing to include that will result in an unclickable link. Also next to it write out a call to action like “Click Here To Learn More”

4. Then you want to make sure you use your target keyword atleast once in your description area but do not over due it. If you write more then 200 words in the description then go ahead and sneak another one in there but be sure it flows with the text.

5. The last step is to go below the description area and you will see your “tags” insert your main keyword FIRST and then several variations of your keyword as well if you’d like.

Step 3: Social Bookmarking

Once that is complete it is time to give our New video the JUICE it needs to race to the first page of Google.

The next step I take is to send 100 Social Bookmarks to your video.

I personally use SocialMonkee which allows me to quickly create 100 Social Bookmarks to 3 different URL’s per day.

I always set the submission of my bookmarks to be dripped over 3 days.

An alternate way is to use SocialMaximizer which is a paid service and you just create an account and once in your dashboard you add a new URL and select for your URL to be submitted to bookmarking sites with Pagerank  3 and up.

Either way works perfect.

With this system I am able to get videos to page one as quick as 4-5 days to 1-2 weeks depending on the competition.

To Your Targeted Website Traffic Success,

signature 3 Simple Steps to Drive More Traffic To Your Blog via Linkedin

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3 Simple Steps to Drive More Traffic To Your Blog via Linkedin

Hey Hey my Friend!

Today I want to share with how to drive traffic to your blog using Linkedin. This is an EXTREMELY simple ways to get more traffic to your site with very minimal effort.

Now if you are not yet on Linkedin you are shooting yourself in the foot. Linkedin is like Facebook but for Business owners.

Here are a few reasons and Linkedin Statistics to help you see why you should join and syndicate your content to Linkedin.

  • Nearly 60% of Linkedin users have high personal incomes and hold executive-level or consultant positions (this means these are decision makers)
  • Linkedin Members who made between $250k-$300k are 7 times more likely to have 150+ connections then those who made less than that.
  • 28% of Linkedin Users make an Average of $104k/year
  • Another 30% of Linkedin users make an average of $93k/year
  • And from my personal experience A WHOLE LOT LESS SPAM!!

So you see people on Linkedin are high caliber business people that have the power to make buying decisions and most likely have a strong influence on their personal contacts.

Now that you understand why you need to be on linkedin let’s get into how to drive traffic to your blog in 3 easy steps.

Get More Traffic To Your Site: Step 1

Before we can start getting traffic we need to add one quick of tool to our blog. The good part is that if you are using WordPress this can be extremely easy.

What you need to do is add the Linkedin Share Button to your blog. This can be easily done with the “DiggDigg” plugin or the “1 click retweet” plugin.

Both which are free and available in your plugin directory inside your Dashboard.

Once you have that set up let’s move on to step 2.

How To Drive More Traffic To Your Blog: Step 2

Once you have the Linkedin Share Button installed you have to Log in/Sign up to your Linkedin Account and join some groups in your niche.

The great part about this is regardless the niche you are in some of these groups have hundreds of thousands of members in them. You will see why this is great in step 3.

more traffic

One thing I do recommend is to set up a new email account for your Linkedin Profile if you do not want to receive daily updates from the groups you will be joining.

If you are like me and join about 50 groups your email account will start to get pretty crowded.

How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog: Step 3

Once you have the share button on your blog and have joined several groups in your niche it’s time to start writing and sharing great content.

Now keep in mind this WILL NOT work if you have crappy content. PERIOD!

It will also piss some people off if you are syndicating squeeze pages and sales pages. I recommend you only share your blog posts or videos that contain some real value.

You can even go back and share one of your old blog posts (one per day) to get some traffic to your some of your older posts.

But all you have to do is go to your blog post and hit the “Linkedin Share” button. a Pop up will show up (if you are not already logged in make sure you do) that looks the image below.

how to drive traffic to your blog

When the Pop up shows up:

1. Click on “Post To Groups”

2. Type in the name of the groups you just joined (I go one by one for each letter across my keyboard to make sure I don’t miss any)

3. Insert a Catchy, attention grabbing Title/headline.

4. Hit The Share Button.

That is it my friend! It’s as easy as 1,2,3! If you do this correctly and for all your posts you can expect to see an extra 500-1,000 high caliber people coming to your traffic if NOT MORE!

I hope this article helps you to get some more high caliber traffic.

To Your Traffic Success,

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3 KILLER Places To Syndicate your Content for Maximum Exposure

Hey Guys Today I want to talk about traffic generation via content syndication!

If you don’t know by now I am a huge fan of free traffic techniques.

Organic traffic is free and great BUT if you want to really build an authority blog where you are seen as the expert in your field you have to build a group of fans, subscribers, and repeat visitors as well.

You want people who share and interact with you and your content. I have built quite a bit of niche sites and most people that come from Google are looking for a solution to a question or problem and hardly if ever comment of share your content let alone revisit your blog after they get their question/problem solved.

In this article I want to quickly share with you 3 places that I syndicate my content and where you can too to start to build an audience, make connections with other bloggers and get more traffic.

3 Content Syndication Networks:

1. Blogengage.com: (<- link opens in a new window) Blog engage is one of the most popular blogging communities on the web. This is a place where a lot of the top bloggers hang out and publish their content.

How would you like to hang out with Ana Hoffman from TrafficGenerationCafe, Ileane Smith from BasicBlogTips, Kim Roach from BuzzBlogger and a load of other bloggers who get THOUSANDS of visitors. Not to mention shares and comment counts in the HUNDREDS for just about each article they publish.

Blogengage does have a fee of $30 to get started but if you are at all serious about building an authority blog why not follow the foot steps of other successful blogs.

Not only that but syndicating your articles on Blogengage gives you a backlink from a Pagerank 5 root domain website.

2. Bloginteract.com(<- link opens in a new window) Blog interact is just like Blog engage and another place where the high authority bloggers hang out.

It is also a Pagerank 3 Root Domain website so you’re getting some high quality backlinks. Make sure you are not just submiting your content but also engaging other bloggers content and “voting” for their content.

Bloginteract is 100% FREE

3. BizSugar.com: (<- link opens in a new window) Biz sugar is yet another blogging community where a lot of blogger hang out and I actually came across biz sugar when I was hanging out on Blog interact and I came across Wong Chendong from TheBadBlogger and when I went to post a comment on his article I saw a trackback underneath the comment box from Biz Sugar.

Wong is a highly active blogger and if he’s syndicating in a certain place I will be too. It is also a very nice Pagerank 6 Root Domain website

Biz Sugar is 100% FREE

A Bonus Tip To Get Even More Traffic:

Why not take your traffic to another level. If these top blogger’s are hanging out on these sites you can be rest assured they are getting some great traffic to their blogs. You can see that from the amount of shares and comments they get on each article.

So what I do is not just submit my articles to the above networks I also browse some of the articles in the “Top News” and “Recently Published” area and read, comment and share their content.

Most of the blogs on these networks have the “Comment Luv” Plugin installed which means it will post the title of your latest article below your comment.

Just think about it if you go where other bloggers hang out and you start to visit their blog, comment and share their content there will be a few who in turn will do the same for you. Not only that but you will ALSO get traffic from the comments you leave behind.

I hope this article helps you build more relationships, get more traffic and increase your audience.

Do you have any other similar places that you use for content syndication? share them in the comment below…

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