Backlink Friday’s Episode 4: G.Y.B + Cool Forum Trick

Hey Hey my friend welcome to this weeks Backlink Friday’s Episode! It is truly an exciting one this week! I just have a couple things to cover before we get started.

1. If you haven’t read my previous post “3 KILLER Places To Syndicate Your Content Fro Maximum Exposure” make sure you do that as well because I cover 3 high PR websites to get backlinks from.

2. Go Watch This Video NOW <—— I have been following the launch videos forΒ  SEO Experts Academy and the first video is absolutely MIND BLOWING! I learned how to get Do Follow PR- 7 Backlinks.You do have to optin but it’s well worth it.

Matt Carter has been my SEO mentor since I started learning SEOΒ  and I am super excited for his upcoming product S.E.A.

Now let’s get started with this weeks edition of Backlinks Friday’s

How To Get High Pr Backlinks:

How To Get High PR Backlinks: The Text

1. iGoogle: PR 8 Root Domain Website (surprised it’s not a 10)

igoogle how to get backlinks

iGoogle is obviously a Google product where you can pretty much add and customize all types ofΒ  entertainment in one location.

What you’re going to be doing here is signing up/in to your Google account. Go To iGoogle and to the left you’re going to see a red box that says “Add Gadgets”

From there scroll to the left hand side and you will see “Add feed or Gadget” hit that button and submit the feed to your website which is basically “”

2. My Yahoo: PR 9 Root Domain Website

My Yahoo is exactly the same as iGoogle were just going to be submitting your feed to Yahoo.

First you will sign in/up to your Yahoo account and got to My Yahoo right underneath where it says “My Yahoo” click on “Add Content”

Then right in the middle it will say “Add RSS Feed” click on that and do the same thing you did for iGoogle.

3. a 16 year old boy dating a 14 year old: PR 8 Root Domain Website

mymsn how to get backlinks

This is again the same as Yahoo and iGoogle. Once you are signed in go to the top right side where it says “Add Content”

Once you hit that, scroll to the left side where it says “Add RSS feed” and do the same thing as the previous two.

4. ads for senior men seeking women: PR 5 Root Domain Website

how to get backlinks

The Warrior Forum is not only a great place to learn, teach, help and make new connections they also allow you to have a signature once you’ve made 15 posts.

So do NOT be concerned if you sign up to the forum and you’re signature is not showing up. It will once you have made 15 posts.

I also show you a trick in the video on how I am able to get more backlinks by using the WSYIWYG editor and inserting “periods” as backlinks.

Since they do only allow you 3 lines for your signature inserting a few “…..” as backlinks can help you add more links.

Although it’s not as powerful as an anchor text backlink it will still push some juice to your site.

5. dating site holland: PR 4 Root Domain Website

how to get backlinks

Vermantaco is a tampa dating coach site that get’s indexed extremely quickly and has some great PR.

I have been doing quite a bit of Social Bookmaring lately and have become a huge fan of using it as a backlinking strategy.

All you have to do is sign up for a new account and hit “Submit New Story” every time you want to add a new link and keyword.

Make sure you use your Main keyword as the title.

That is pretty much it my friends for this weeks edition of Backlink Friday’s.

If it helped you at all be sure to give it a thumbs up and share it with you’re friends on Facebook.

Also do NOT forget to head on over and lithuania dating site to learn how to get PR 7 Do Follow Backlinks.

To Your Backlinking Success,

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24 thoughts on “Backlink Friday’s Episode 4: G.Y.B + Cool Forum Trick”

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    1. There sure are 1,000s of 1,000s of great places to get backlinks. Call me a nerd but I like finding them LOL most people don’t like backlinking.

      I’m happy to help Kevin and thanks for stopping by.

  2. Again, another great share! Question, what if I am not using a feedburner, can I put my website url in there?
    Always looking forward to your backlink techniques.

  3. Very cool list once again Joshua. Nice tip too, you are the man.

    Here’s another one for you to check out and add to your list. Check out the URL I used in this comment. It’s not my site but CommentLuv actually found a note I left on the website (Announcements). I wasn’t expecting that! Amazing. This stuff is so much fun.

    Notice the link to my blog is no-follow but the links in the Announcement section are do-follow. PLUS, I was able to add my feed and those links appear to be do-follow as well.

  4. Good shit Joshua πŸ™‚

    Again a good bunch of links to diversify my link profile a little. Although you are saying to build them manually, why not use a bot next time. πŸ™‚

  5. Great article.
    For some strange reason a was totally unaware of Vermantaco.
    And for an even stranger reason totally forgot about igoogle and myyahoo…

    But hey, thats when Josh comes into play πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Laurie πŸ™‚ Yes Vermantaco is one of just many high PR social bookmarking services I used. I found quite a bit of good ones by buying Social Bookmarking services from Social Maximizer ( Once the order I placed is complete I take the report and create accounts there myself. Just make sure you select the bookmarks you wants based on Pagerank.

      Yes iGoogle and myYahoo are great too πŸ™‚ haha I’m glad I can help Laurie.

  6. Hey, man, I don’t know if you’ve tried pearltrees yet. It is pretty freakin cool. I added your site, as well as the bad blogger, to my pearls, because your work has been instrumental in the success of my company.

    Check it out, though. It’s a funky tool. I won’t know about its value for a while, but such is the nature of SEO.

    1. Hey Adam. No I have not heard of Pearl Trees sounds pretty cool I will check it out and catch you on there. I feel honored to have been able to help you and your company grow.

      Thank you for stopping by and dropping me a comment. Really made my day πŸ™‚

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