Article Samurai Review: Page 1 + $100 in sales

Hey guys today I want to share with you my article samurai review after being one of the lucky 500 to get in on the first launch.

article samurai review

As of today it has been 1 month since I signed up with article samurai and I am super impressed with the ease of syndicating articles and more importantly the ranking results I’ve received in return.

Article Samurai Review: Before and After

If you are more of a video person you can view my article samurai review below if you like written text go below the video…

As you can see from the video above before using article samurai I was able to get my sites to low page 1 High page 2 rankings from other backlinks methods and once I was able to get some article marketing backlinks my ranking improved dramatically.

article samurai review

I took the screenshot of this on my Market Samurai Rank tracker the day I purchased Article Samurai for the purpose of keeping track of my results.

So as you can see my rankings were ok but not bringing in the traffic that I wanted due to being mostly on page 2.

I got hard to work and began to syndicate articles and pushing backlinks to my sites. I was actually suprised because when they say you can syndicate articles in 5 minutes a day it is absolutely TRUE! (assuming the article is already written of course)

So after a month of being hard at work and submitting several articles I was able to reach these results

article samurai review after

I was absolutely AMAZED! I have slowly but surely climbed the ranks over the last 4 weeks and I’m just getting started!

It’s not like I have syndicated a TON of articles I’ve done about 2 per site (I have 7 websites) which is NOTHING compared to what I could be syndicating if I had more time to write.

Here is The BEST Part:

If you can see the red number 6, that particular site is in the web hosting niche and after being pushed to page 1 brought in it’s first 2 sales this past Monday the 19th!  That is right $100 in a day from a website which I’ve just set up about 2 months ago.

The site is relatively new and already produced it’s first 2 paying customers. I am absolutely STOKED to continue syndicating articles and reach the #1 spot!

article samurai review sales

What can you learn from my Article Samurai Review:

1. Article Marketing STILL WORKS!

2. High quality Blog Networks WORK!

3. Article Samurai ROCKS!

That’s what I’ve learned from this whole experience and I look forward to reporting back when I reach the #1 spot and the sales really start pouring in!

I hope this article samurai review helped you out and unfortunately Article Samurai is NOT available for sale to the public BUT I will be sure to let you know when it is.

To your Article Syndication Success,

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Backlink Fridays: Episode 1 Links from PR4-PR8

Hey Hey everyone I’m absolutely STOKED to start this series of articles every Friday on exactly HOW and WHERE I drop my backlinks. Every Friday I will share with you 5 high pagerank website where you can drop your backlinks.

how to get backlinksOne question I have been getting a lot lately is how to get backlinks to out rank your competition. And that is what has inspired this series I’m calling Backlink Fridays!

I’m not only going to give you the links to the websites  BUT get in the trenches and walk you through HOW to insert your links.

If you are not quite at this stage of your SEO please DO NOT worry this article is mainly for those of you who already understand On page SEO and want to boost your rankings with GREAT backlinks.

If you are brand new to SEO please do not worry I will not leave you behind. I will be walking you through every step of the process I covered in my previous What Is SEO article in future blog posts.

So let’s get started with this short video on how to get backlinks….

How To Get Backlinks: Video 1

Backlink Friday Websites:

1. : PR4 Root Domain Website

Oyax is simply a link exchange community with do follow links. Sign up and hit “Add Link” in the Top Right

how to get backlinks oyax

2. : PR8 Root Domain Website

Merchant Circle is a great website that connects local businesses together and they can trade services etc.

Not only is it a great place to offer your serice to your local community once you set up your account you are also given access to your very own member blog.

You can publish articles just as you would with your WordPress blog and insert links back to your site.

how to get backlinks merchant3, : PR 6 Root Domain Website

Shell Live Wire is another website that allows you to set up an account and with that account you get your very own blog. Publish an article just like merchant cirle with links back to your site.

how to get backlinks shell

4. : PR 7 Root Domain Website

Colour Lovers is a community where people from around the world share their love for different colors. Although you do NOT get a blog by setting up your profile you DO get a Bio section where you can insert your HREF code.

5. PR 7 Root Domain Website

Open Salon is a social content site where again you get your very own blog once you sign up for a free account. Now you do have to be careful and NOT spam this or any site. I did this and got my account shut down so learn from my mistakes. Publish good content.

how to get backlinks op

I have not yet tried publishing another blog post BUT they do have an area to add links.

how to get backlinks cl2

That is it my friends! I hope you enjoy the launch of Backlink Fridays and how to get backlinks from high pagerank websites.

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To Your Backlinking Success,

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How To Claim G+ Authorship of Your Blog and BOOST Rankings

google-plus-logoHey my friend! Joshua here with a HUGE update announced by Matt Cutts about claiming authorship of your blog and how it can potentially BOOST your search engine rankings.

I’m also going to walk you through step by step how to add the G+ authorship button to your blog.

Before  I get into that watch the video below by Matt Cutts and understand the POWER of putting this on your blog TODAY!

The Benefits of Claiming Your G+ Authorship

From what I gathered in the video there are a couple reason you will want to add this to your blog

1. Your picture may show up next to your site in the SERP’s giving it a human touch

2. It may help Boost rankings by claiming your authorship.

As Google transitions into a more Social search engine we need to stay ahead of the curve and give Google what they want.

Although this is still in testing phases watch my video below to learn how to claim authorship of your blog.

Here is the link to create your G+ Authorship Button:

If you rather read in plain text with screenshots how to add this to your blog follow me below.

1. Go To

A. Insert your Google Profile URL
B. Select the size of the Button
C. Copy The Button Code.

2. Log into your WordPress Dashboard

A. Go To Widgets
B. Drag and drop a Text Widget into your Sidebar and Paste Your G+ Code

3. Go To Your Google Profile

A. Click on Edit Profile
B. Click on About
C. Click on Links

4. Click on “Add Custom Links”

A. Enter Your Anchor Text
B. Enter Your URL

Last And Final Step: Submit Your Request!

The final step is to Submit Your Request For Authorship Here

Just fill out the info and hit submit. Google must be getting slammed for this so this last step might take a while but atleast you’re ahead of the curve.


That’s it my friend! That is exactly how you claim authorship of your blog.

I hope you found this article helpful and you get ahead of the curve in the upcoming Social search engine.

I want to give a shout out to Brian Hawkins from for bringing this to my attention!

To Your Authorship Success,

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What Exactly Is SEO and why should you give a DAMN?

Hey Hey guys! Let’s have some fun here and talk SEO shall we? You may be wondering what is seo (aka Search Engine Optimization) well I will get into that in just a second.

First off, I hate having to pay for traffic! Frankly I’ve only paid for traffic about 3 times since I started online.

what is seoI LOVE free traffic and continuing to learn new strategies to get free traffic. It’s really what get’s my blood pumping!

That’s what brings me to Search Engine Optimization. Continue reading “What Exactly Is SEO and why should you give a DAMN?”

How To Pick a Domain Name that doesn’t BLOW!

Hey hey my friend!

I am truly excited to start this brand new venture here at I think it’s really about  time to really start building my brand and build something that people recognize.

If you have been following me at all over at you will notice that I have not really built a brand around that Domain.


how to pick a domain nameSimply because it is a very LONG and general domain name and hard to find a way to build a brand around it (trust me I tried). Which also shows how little I knew about online marketing when I first started to pick such a general domain.

I wish I would have done more research on building a brand and how to pick a domain name  early on.

Although I have been sharing some great articles with my readers, building a brand is just as important as putting out quality unique information. Continue reading “How To Pick a Domain Name that doesn’t BLOW!”